Monday, June 25, 2012

20 & 21 months

Because I have been so lazy  busy this summer I forgot to post her 20 month update and then when her 21 month birthday rolled around I just felt so behind and I let it slip past me again. So we are playing catch up. I actually typed her 20 month post but never got around to uploading pictures.

At 20 months old:

I am amazed everyday at the things she knows. It hit me when I saw her putting my eye shadow on her eyelids with the same brush that I use that she is watching my every move. It is quiet scary.

She can say a lot of words, but my favorite words she can say are: cup (she really enunciates the 'p'), "Weeeese" (Reese), "Wuv wu" (love you)

She likes to get on our bed and point to the spot beside her and say "up hoo" which translates to up here. My favorite is when she starts going to her playroom and turns around yelling "mommy" or "daddy" and puts her hand out moving her fingers back and forth which means we are supposed to come with her. When we are in the car Adam usually is twirling my hair, but Reese does not like it at all. When she sees his hand in my hair she will shake her hand back and forth and say "no, no, no." After a few minutes Adam will ask her if he can play in my hair and sometimes she gives him permission, but most of the time she says no:)

She got her second haircut Sunday.(Because I'm off my A game and this post is over a month late this was like 8 Sunday's ago) Her hair doesn't grow longer- it grows out like a bush.

When she is about to get into trouble she will lean in to kiss or hug us. Speaking of trouble- I can spank her or get on to her and it's like she doesn't even hear me, but her Daddy?? He can look at her and she pokes her lip out and fights the ugly cry.

She LOVES watermelon, cantelop, and "mook" (milk). I have been thinking about what I am going to feed her for lunch during the summer and I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. Please refrain from things like country fried steak and pot pies. I have high ambitions of rest and relaxation this summer.

She loves her paci more everyday. Sadly it will be going on a permenant vacation in a few weeks.

I laugh so hard everytime she crosses her arms. Hilarious.

At 21 months:

Weight: 21 pounds 
Height: 31 inches 

Her claim to fame this month is losing the paci. It was so much easier than I had expected it to be. That is probably because I was expecting wailing and gnashing of teeth. I am still paranoid that she is going to find one hidden in her toy chest or under the couch and we will have to start all over. 

We bought big girl panties, but she is only interested in playing dress up with them. 

 She loves Autie!. As we speak we are outside and she is constantly trying to pick Autie up or ride her.

 This weekend we went to Anna Kate's birthday party and Reese loved jumping on her trampoline.
 Last night she wanted to wear her panties for real. 30 seconds after this picture she tee teed in the floor:)

Her newest words/sayings are: "I get it" (which is what she said when the phone rang last night) "I got you"(when she chases us) "cheeeeeessssseee" (she hold the phone, her monitor, and even the remote up trying to take pictures) "cactor" (tractor) and she loves "big bigs"(big trucks) if the dogs bark too loud or the air conditioner in the car is on too high she will put her finger over her lips and say"shhhh qiet"(quiet) if she wants the TV on she says "fee tee on" At this moment I can't think of anything else that she says.

Since school has been out she usually takes an hour and a half nap during the day. Some days it is at 11, other days if we go to the pool she doesn't nap until 3 or 4. On those days she doesn't go to bed until 10 or after. 

She has moved into size 4 diapers and mostly wears 12 month clothes.