Friday, January 31, 2014

Elynn: 3 months

Weight: 12lbs
Height: 23 inches
Goes to sleep between 8-9 every night and gets up around 1 and 4.

Sleeps in the Nap Nanny beside our bed.

Has earned the name "E-Lee" from her big sister. (Enunciate the E then say Lee)
Got to see her first snow this week.
I say this every update that I do on her, but she is the sweetest baby. She gets a little fussy when she is hungry, but other than that she is very content. She will be going to daycare on Monday. I have a feeling Reese will get in some trouble for trying to pick her up and take care of her all day. She is a little TOO much help sometimes, and it could be harmful to "E-Lee's" health. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Back to work and 2 month old stats

It saddens me to say this but, for me, going back to work after #2 has been SO much easier than with #1. (It makes me sad that I'm not sad which is not at all irrational is it? I feel like I am cheating on Elynn or something. Like I should be just as sad to leave her as I was Reese.) The reason behind this is simply because I now work 10 minutes from home as opposed to the 60 minutes I had to drive when I would drop Reese off. Seriously, I was mad at the world when I went back after Reese. This time though...I am smart enough to know that I would go slap crazy if I had to stay home all the time. SLAP. CRAY.CRAY.

As fate would have it, Adam is out of town this week which means I had to call in my parents for backup because y'all it's like we are moving cross country trying to get all our junk in the car before 6:30 AM. Took me 3 trips this morning. It's true what they say: 2 is like 20. And just to make sure getting to work was as difficult as possible, Reese woke up at 5 yesterday morning and started demanding things like milk, yogurt, and "carcoons." I adore her, but she is a little tyrant. Elynn was up at 1 AM and 4 AM. I never went back to sleep after the 4 o'clock feeding, so I'm just fresh as a daisy today. I made the mistake of looking in the mirror on my way to school this morning- scared the life right out of me. Motherhood ages a girl, let me tell you. 

Until February, Elynn is staying at MeeMaw's house in order to be completely spoiled before her debut at daycare. (Actually, it kept us from having to pay for daycare for a whole month when she would only have gone 2 weeks.) I feel confident in saying that she is being held every waking moment (and the sleeping ones too). Reese thinks that Elynn goes to the hospital and stays with the nurses until she is big enough to go to daycare. I know it is wrong to lie, but I don't have the energy it would require to calm her down if she knew the truth of Elynn's whereabouts. 

We went for shots on the 15th. Reese was behind on 2 of her shots and Elynn got 2 month old shots. You can imagine how pleasant that trip was. Thirty minutes later, Reese was still crying and rubbing her arm when we pulled up at Target to pick out her prize for being so good. Adam said next time he will take off work and take them for shots because it will be cheaper than letting me take them for prizes. She got a new princess dress, a puzzle, and a bracelet. In my defense, the bracelet was only $1. I'm such a push over when it comes to matters of the medical community. And I don't know what Adam was complaining about because do y'all remember when I got my first iphone for not acting out during the 5 hour sugar test?

Reese was 32 lbs and 37 1/2 inches.
Elynn was 12lbs and 23 inches.

P.S. I made the bold statement when Elynn was born that "that was so easy we might have another one in a few years." That was a VERY premature statement on my part. Because, no. Probably not. Two is about all this momma can handle while still getting to work somewhat on time.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Christmas Part III

Christmas Eve night we came home from Adam's Granny's house and made Santa some cookies. 

 Last year when our elf came we named her Fiona (we had just watched Shrek the Halls). This year Reese kept accidentally calling her Sophia, so Fiona underwent an official name change and became Sophia. Reese followed the no touching rule, but every now and then we would catch her giving Fiona Sophia a kiss. Christmas Eve night when we got home Sophia had left a note allowing Reese to give her one hug before she went back to the North Pole. She was so excited. She hugged Sophia and told her at least ten times, "Sophia, I love you so much!"
 I wanted a night before Christmas pajama picture....Reese sang the whole time...
There was a lot of disagreement as to whether Santa would or would not wrap Reese's gifts. Santa always wrapped my gifts, but he never wrapped Adam's. Last year Reese was disappointed when she had nothing to open, so that ended the argument.

Side story: The week before Christmas Reese, Elynn, and I went shopping for Adam's Christmas. I told her all day that we could not tell Daddy what we got him. That night Adam asked her what we bought him, and she looked at me and said, "tell him or no?" HAHA!

 Elynn got some new paci's and a sound machine for her room.

 Christmas morning we got Reese up to see her presents.

She got a karaoke machine...what was Santa thinking?
 And her "sheen"....

Before I tell you what I got for Christmas, let me say that I asked for it. A Dyson vacuum cleaner, and y'all if you don't have one, get you one! It's like my little personal assistant. Adam couldn't believe I was asking for a vacuum cleaner, but it really is the gift that keeps on giving. I also got this hand stamped necklace with Reese and Elynn's names. Adam got tools, but that's nothing new. He puts some form of a tool on his list every year. And yes, we make lists and give them to each other. 

 We went to my Nanny's for lunch.
 And Big Daddy and D.D.'s that afternoon.
She had to put on her lipstick before opening pictures. 
 A few weeks before Christmas Big Daddy said, "I want a family picture for our card" as if it were just that simple. Ha. I wish I had time to upload all the hundreds of pictures we made trying to get a decent one. If it wasn't one of our kids making a ridiculous face, it was Adam or Greg.

 The night before this photo shoot, Reese had cried for no known reason from 2 until 4:45. Needless to say, we were pleasant to be around.

Christmas Part 2

We had Christmas with D.D.'s people and Reese got to do this. 

She wants nothing more than to play the part of momma. She was so proud when Ollie let her feed Jaylie a bottle.

She got this princess dress and light up high heels (which she calls "hee haws") from Aunt Bec and Ollie. She tried to convince us to let her wear it to church the next day, but we somehow talked our way out of that without a major crying fit. 

We went home from there to play with the doll house MeeMaw and PeePaw gave her. Adam calculated up that it has more square footage than our house does, and it has its own zip code. (I think it takes special men to be girl daddy's. They have to play with doll houses and have their nails painted. It's a demanding position.)

Christmas Eve Eve we went to Noccalula Falls to see the light, and it was cold!
 I can assure you this- Elynn was not cold!

Again with the family pictures with a 3 year old. This face sums her whole little personality up.
And so does this one. I have a remote control to use when we want to make a group photo and nobody else is around to snap the picture. It is a great negotiating tool. If Reese will smile for a picture, we let her have the remote to make the next picture. 
Elynn pretty much looked like this the whole holiday season. I know she had to be hoping that we aren't always this busy!

Stay tuned for Christmas Part III.

Christmas Part 1

Considering Reese was willing to sit in Santa's lap this year, we made every effort to see him every chance we got. She consistently requested a "sheen to sew Cupcake somepin' somepin' to wear to da ballgame" until this particular visit. It was when we had breakfast with Santa and the Mrs. that she changed it all up. Actually she just added a few new requests: "that chair at the red store to fix the baby's hair." Decoded: salon chair at Target.

We made salt dough hand prints. 

(Yes, she has a diaper on in that picture. She still wears diapers to bed. I know. I'm a failure of a mother.)

We went to Auburn/Opelika for their "Victorian Front Porches." Two streets were closed to traffic so that people could walk through the neighborhood and see the Christmas decorations. Of course, they weren't exactly Adam's brand of decor, but then again not everybody can be as trashy as us with our boat draped in lights with a snowman fishing from it. 
They allowed people to go up on the porches to make pictures with the decorations. It was right here that she said "Ooooo Momma, a pwesent!" and she went for it!
She told Santa at the daycare party that she had lost Cupcake (the baby doll that she was planning to sew some items for) and he said, "You lost your cupcake? Somebody get this baby a cupcake!" 

Ok, so allow me to say this- we attended EIGHT Christmas gatherings...EIGHT, PEOPLE!!...and since we have less than sophisticated internet services I will have to limit my pictures here. (And I'm not complaining because it means that we have a lot of family for which to be thankful, but EIGHT is too many when you're hauling around 2 kids. I'm thinking next year we are going to have to shave a few of those off. I don't who is getting cut, but....EIGHT!) 

Christmas at my parents. Do y'all see her dress? That's the dress she refused to wear last Spring because it has elastic in the waist. But now that it's too small (and only 32 degrees every day) she begs to wear it ALL the time. 

She made Christmas cookies. 

Then changed into her "real clothes" for the present opening event. She loves to play the "pee-no."
And she loves Clay. She even names her baby dolls Clay.
And this... this is my favorite picture of all. HAHA!

Reese will be devastated next year when Elynn wants to open her own gifts.

The annual "$100 Bill Game." PeePaw changes the rules every year and has to explain the procedure. Rumor had it that he spent HOURS planning this year's. Almost every envelope that he was holding had money in it. Some had a couple dollars, some had $20, and the jackpot had $300. There is no way I could ever explain to you how this game played out, but Adam walked away with the $20 envelope...and me? I walked away with the ONE AND ONLY envelope that had NO money in it. How is that even possible?

And then there was this.
I don't think y'all have met, so allow me to formally introduce you to Coozie (as in the thing that you put a beer in to keep it cold except they spelled it with a C as opposed to a K). When my parents told me the name they picked out I was all like "y'all know that's what you put beer in to keep it cold...." They didn't seem to be aware (or care) that that was the origin of their new dog's name. Anyway. Y'all remember Chinney, right? (Lord, where do they get these names!) And y'all remember how Chinney went on to...well....the other side, right? (Ahhem..he was eaten by a coyote...there are witnesses who actually heard it happen...I am one of those still haunts me.) ANNNNNYWAY! This was Coozie's first Christmas with us. (Please allow me to say that I bet if Chinney would have known last year was his last Christmas he would have gone ahead with that nerve pill, stiff drink, and cigarette he so desperately wanted.)

Please stand by for Christmas Part II.

I'm so behind....Thanksgiving 2013 maternity leave comes to an end on Tuesday, so I thought I would try to catch up the blog before my return to reality. And a tough reality it will be. I have spent the better part of the last 12 weeks sitting at my house in my flannels while having Adam bring home dinner. Y'all, it has been a dream come true even if 8 of those 12 weeks I went without pay. I think it goes without saying that between (a.) me sitting around in my pajamas every day and not getting paid for it (b.) my lack of culinary effort and (c.) my new found love of letting the house get to a level of messy that I should be ashamed of, Adam will be glad to hear my alarm go off at 5AM Tuesday morning.  

Allow me to tell you what will make you come THIS close to losing your ever loving mind: a family picture with a 3 year old. Whoever coined the term "terrible twos" should have slowed their roll down just a little and waited for the threes to arrive. Y'all. She is precious in every possible way and I love her more than life, but you have not met difficult until you come face to face with one Reese E Cup. Anyway, that and the fact that the baby weight from #2 doesn't seem to fall off like it did with #1 is my excuse for less than superb family portraits during this holiday season.

Here's Thanksgiving...

And in case you are wondering (which you might not be) why there is never group pictures with Adam's family it's because they just aren't those kind of people. I wouldn't even dare request Uncle G and Big Daddy gather up for a group photo because I don't want to hear all the complaining and smart mouthing they would do. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Prayers for the Pearsons

Although we hear stories of people finding out they have cancer every day, it's different when it hits close to home. Ami and I were roommates at Auburn, and have remained close through this group of friends. 

If you don't know her story, you can read it, Prayers for Ami Sumners Pearson. If you are able, please consider donating to help with their expenses here. Most importantly though, please pray for this sweet couple and their two precious daughters. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Elynn: 2 months

Weight: 11 lbs
Height: 23 inches 

She doesn't love her paci, but she tries really hard to suck her thumbs. She still hasn't had a bottle, but Reese keeps begging and I have to go back to work in 2 weeks, so that's coming soon.
She has to be the easiest baby of all time. The only time she fusses is when she gets really hungry; however, recently she has started fighting sleep a little. She generally gets up twice during the night, usually somewhere around midnight and again around 3:00. Reese had this same schedule, but for some reason with Reese I was much more tired. Second babies really are so different. I think I was already used to being up and down during the night with Reese, so being up with Elynn isn't as exhausting as it was with Reese. 

Reese is such a good big sister. Anytime Elynn cries Reese will say, "Her want her big sissy to hold her." She also tries to pick her up every chance she gets. When Elynn was about a week old I was in our bedroom putting up clothes. Elynn was in the swing in the living room. I hear Reese say,"I bring her to you." I turn around to see Reese carrying Elynn. Right after I recovered from my heart attack, I remained calm (I know that surprises all those who know me), thanked Reese for bringing her to me, and took her away from the dangerous grasp of her sister. I will give credit where credit is due though. Reese was holding her very well considering she is three years old.  I just can't imagine what poor Elynn's head looked like as Reese got her out of the swing. A bobble head, no doubt. Later I asked Reese why she brought her to me. 
Me: was she crying?
Reese: No, her was just all alone.

This could possibly be my favorite picture of all time.

Reese at 2 months on left. Elynn on the right. Although I think they look very similar, I am starting to see several differences. Reese had a more rounded face. I also think that Elynn is going to be bigger that Reese.