Tuesday, July 24, 2012

22 Months

Y'all. I'm not even going to lie- I'm tired. Exhausted. This is day 2 of working in my classroom (which is brand new and smells good and is just all around lovely) and I'm worn SLAP OUT.

But this isn't about me. It's about our sweet girl creeping right up on her 2nd birthday. 

(You may or may not see these pictures again on her birthday invitation. If you do pretend it's the first time you've seen them.)

22 Months:

Weight: Probably the same as last month because SHE WILL NOT EAT!
Height: See above weight comment.
Clothes: 18 months
Diapers and shoes: size 4

 Her mostly commonly used words/phrases: "Uh Daddy go?" (where did Daddy go?), Jolie is pronounced one of two ways "Joey" or "Goalie", "I get it" (anytime the phone rings), "I hide" when her Daddy comes home. If I think I hear someody pull up at our house I will look out the window and she will say "body?" wuth a puzzled look on her face. I assume she is asking if somebody is there to see her.

Sunday afternoon she insisted on wearing her big girl panties around the house. She tee teed in the potty 4 times in less than an hour (mainly because all she wants to do is drink juice and milk ("mook")). Then we went to visit MeeMaw and PeePaw and she had to wear a "fifie" (commonly known as a diaper to those of us who speak English).

This summer has been a little rough on her schedule. She usually cries somewhere between 2 and 6 AM. I go get her and let her sleep with us for the remainder of the night. As long as I stay in the bed she will sleep until sometime around 8AM. The last 2 morning when I have gotten up to get ready she will wrap her arm around my neck and push me back on the pillow saying "up who" which translates to "up here."

Then, because she sleeps later, she will not want to take her nap until after 1 or 2:00. (If I'm lucky she naps for an hour.) Which leads to her not wanting to go to bed until around 9- aka- the middle of the night.

She loves for us to read to her. I can quote by memory the exactly words to at 5 of her books. Right now she is loving a farm book that MeeMaw gave her.

Every afternoon she wants to get on MeeMaw and PeePaw's golf cart and ride around- particularly to see Rudy. Remember Rudy? He will eventually end up on her plate in some form of Hamburger Helper or in a Pinterest recipe. And as usual I will be begging her to eat. Poor little Rudy.

She is OBSESSED with big trucks or "big bigs."

And I know there are a ton of other things she is doing right now, but I can't think of them because EXHAUSTED.

Here is a little sneak peak at my room thus far...


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jackson Hole from my iPhone

We left home at the bright and early hour of 3:30 AM to catch our flight out of Atlanta. We thought Reese would sleep going to Atlanta, but thankfully she stayed awake until we took off from Atlanta and then slept most of the flight.

She loved watching the airplanes take off.
 This is the plane we got off of in Jackson Hole with beautiful mountains just behind it.

And our first meeting with the hatch back:) Why is it so funny to me?? I think it was seeing a grown man driving it that got me the most. Or maybe I'm just immature:)

 This signs sits as you leave the airport in JacksonHole.
 Reese did all the required map reading.
 And made sure to get good pictures.
 This is on our way back home during our lay over in Houston (which has to be the nastiest airport of all time).
 On our flight out of Houston...
 In this tiny little crop duster....
 P.S. About the crop duster- we got stuck on that tiny little plane after bad weather stopped us from landing in Atlanta (where our car was parked) on the Birmingham runway for over an hour. Finally they let us off and Big Daddy and D.D. promptly came to pick us up. Of course that left our car still stranded in Atlanta. But this story proves that there is a silver lining to every cloud because, ironically, BFF Steph was home for the weekend and headed to Atlanta that Monday so I caught a ride with her and picked up our car. It turned out to be a beautiful thing.

Here she is resting- which she did very little of during this trip;)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jackson Hole 2012

Let me tell you about our FAVORITE place to go. Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We honeymooned there because y'all there is no prettier place (in my humble opinion, of course). So earlier this year we started planning a trip for the summer and of course we decided to go back. There was a two and a half second discussion as to whether Reese would be going and that was to put to rest simply because I could not/would not leave her for 5 nights. I've got attachment issues, I know. 

This was Reese's first flight and I was as nervous as a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs. For good measure we gave her just a tiny bit of Bendryl. When the plane took off from Atlanta she was already sleeping. She slept almost 2 hours which left one more hour until we landed in Denver. Our second flight into Jackson Hole was about an hour and a half. We got her a cup of "pice" (ice) and she ate it and looked at a magazine during that flight. Our trip was starting out on a better foot than I could have ever expected.

 I will try to limit play by play comments as I show you our pictures. 

Without a doubt my favorite moment of the trip was when we landed in Jackson Hole and Adam left us waiting on the curb while he went to get the rental car. Y'all I have never laughed so hard as when he pulled up in this sexy little hatch back Nissan Versa. I know the people standing around me wondered about my mental stability because I was wheezing I was laughing so hard. If you drive a Versa please hear me when I say this- while we were loading our bags I wondered why in the world anybody would drive one of these. Because they get 40 miles to the gallon that's why. I would have to check with Adam, but I think it is safe to say that we didn't spend $100 in gas during the entire trip. 

My baby has on a jacket in most of the pictures. You know why? Because their 70 degrees and our 70 degrees are not the same. As much as I love all things southern their zero humidity made me never want to return to the south. 

This is the outside of our cabin which I would like to say (for memories sake) had no air conditioner  Adam almost lost it when he started looking for the thermometer (because he is the king of having it feel like it is about to snow inside our house) and there was only a heat button. We soon realized we didn't need the air on anway all we had to do was crack the window and plenty of cool crisp mountain air blew right threw.

Reese had to shade her face from the sun;) We laugh so hard every time she does this.
We stopped by one of the raging rivers to throw rocks. Since the snow was melting off the mountains the rivers really were raging.
 These are the elk antler arches that are on each corner of the square in town. The antlers are picked up from the Elk Refuge that is outside of town.

 This is known as the "Sleeping Indian"- can you see it?? It looks like an indian laying on it's back. I made this picture the first day we were there.
 It's called Jackson Hole for a reason. It is in a hole with mountains all around.

 Everywhere you turn it looks something like this.
 There was wildlife a plenty.

 This is a moose and her calf which was nursing but you wouldn't know that because I obviously forgot how to use the camera and it focused on the trees instead of the moose.
This picture was made at Jenny Lake.  

I would like to make note that this trip was before the paci was thrown from the window. When we started planning the trip we agreed that she could have it until we got back home. I know all the people on our flights were thankful we had a stopper in her mouth. Anyway, when I started looking back through our pictures she has the paci in her mouth in EVERY picture! She must have it was about to be taken away:)
 The day after we arrived we went shopping and bought the sweatshirts that you will see in every picture because we would have frozen without them. She also got these cowgirl boots that she just had to wear.
Oh wait, here is a picture without the paci.
Our cabin had a fire pit which we put to very good use every afternoon. They also provided all things needed for smores.
And she warmed her hands over the fire.

She spent a lot of time looking at our phones (and randomly calling people).

We spent Thursday in Yellowstone which was about 3 hours away. When we went on our honeymoon it snowed so hard while we were in Yellowstone that we almost got stuck there. This time the weather was much more pleasant. Good thing we were in a Trail Blazer during out honeymoon because I am sure had we been in the Versa we wouldn't have made it;)
This bear was walking along the road in the Teton National Park. 

At Old Faithful

A heard of buffalo on the side of the road.
And a huge moose crossing the river

We went back to Jackson Hole through Montana and Idaho which is about a 3 to 4 hour trip. I have never been so thankful when Reese fell asleep and slept for over 3 hours. Needless to say we did not wake her up and make pictures at each state line, but I made sure to make a picture as we drove past.

Friday we met up with Adam's friend, Tracie, that he met in St. Louis during training back in January and hiked a trail at Jenny Lake to this waterfall. 

Reese stopped to wash her face with the COLD water and she also threw one of her pacis in the water.

Saturday morning we drove through Moose Wilson Rd (which is similar to Cades Cove except was less crowded and so much prettier) and saw 2 bear cubs crossing the road. 
Then we made the decision that we are moving our letter to this church because we feel that we could praise Jesus in an all new way with this view.

We also made the trip educational by stopping at the museum. Actually we needed to use the restroom, but she LOVED it.
Then we took a ride in an old fashion stage coach.

And we ate. A lot. Here is Reese enjoying a lemon.
Remember the sleeping indian? Here he is on our last day after it had snowed. Yep- snowed in June.
Everytime we saw a buffalo Reese would say "moo moo"
This is where I would give anything to have better photography skills. This barn is on every post card in Jackson Hole, but because I have minimal camera knowledge and it was cloudy this was all I could get.

A local told us that when buffalo rub their head on things it means they are about to attack. Who knew?
And here we are as a couple of newlyweds a few years ago....(I am racing the clock because Reese is asleep so I do not have the time it would take it get this picture rotated. I tried everything including banging on the computer and screaming and it still wouldn't work.