Wednesday, February 18, 2015

House Update

In my last post I boldly declared that Elynn had not been sick...ever. I hit the "post" button and she immediately started running a fever. A fever that lasted 3 solid days and got up to 103 several times. It started on Tuesday afternoon. I took her to the doctor Wednesday afternoon. It wasn't the flu, strep, or an ear infection. The next thing to eliminate was a UTI or bladder infection. They wanted to do a catheter to get a urine sample. Elynn, when you read this one day, you can thank your mother because I was in no way going to allow that to happen. Adam didn't think a catheter was a big deal for one simple reason: HE HAS NEVER HAD ONE. So we left with a little bag she had to wear the next morning until she tee teed in it. (Also when we left I ran slap out of gas on the side of the road. Seriously got to get that gauge fixed.) So Thursday morning she had her little bag on and we headed back to the doctor. On the way, she grabbed her diaper. I asked her if she tee teed, and she shook her head yes. Thankfully, when we got there I checked it, and she was right. She had tee teed in the bag. She ended up getting a shot and an antibiotic. So we got ourselves another vacation day and stayed home again on Friday because she ran a low fever throughout the night Thursday night. (Personally, I still think it was all because she is cutting several teeth in the back of her mouth. I ran very high temps as a baby when I cut teeth- they even did a spinal tap on me one time trying to figure out what was wrong.)

Adam also took off that Friday to install our cabinets. We took him lunch and she got in a little loving while we were there. 

 The painting is about to be done, and the floor guys are laying tile. At the rate the tile people are going, we might be in before Christmas.

Adam will be putting down the hardwood once the paint is complete. I'm feeling pretty confident he will be asking his main squeeze to help him with that. We've put in a floor or two in our time and didn't even say a cuss word in the process. Well... Maybe one or two. In our defense, putting down hardwood ain't no joke.

Here's the living room, and exactly where I plan to plop my big self down and watch my babes grow up for the next 18 or so years.

Speaking of my babes...this one here is growing so fast. When she has a wet or dirty diaper she comes to us, and turns around for us to check her. I will tell her to go to her room so we can change her, and she walks right in there and waits at the changing table. And when she says "tant chu" (thank you)...y'all.... makes me want to have at least 2 more. Then I sit myself down until THAT feeling passes. 

Reese practically begs not to go up to the new house anytime we mention. Nothing for her to do, but get herself in trouble in the sand pile outside. Which is exactly what usually happens.

They are both going to be so disappointed when we move in and they realize the cabinets are not for hide and seek.
 A meeting of the minds, y'all.
If I need to go help Adam with something, I load up the Volkswagon for their entertainment. 

I hesitate to put this picture because it isn't a good one. The tile in the kitchen looks like old barn wood, but I'm not thinking this picture shows that very well.

All of the doors with holes in them along the top will have glass.

The kitchen sink arrived yesterday, and provided endless entertainment. This was just after Reese backed her bare bottom up to a little space heater in the bathroom. There are now burn marks on her booty that look exactly like the front of that heater. Once the aftermath of that was over, she ran to the bathtub to wring out a washrag and flipped right off into the tub still filled with Elynn's bathwater. She was soaked wet, and all I could do was laugh. Before bed, she also stumped her toe and pinched her finger with my sunglasses. She told me this morning, "I kept gettin' beat up last night."
 I'm hoping to be moving in the week of Spring Break even though Adam is confident we will already be in by then.