Thursday, March 27, 2014

Elynn: 4 months

Since Elynn is about to be 5 months old, I  feel like I should probably finish up this 4 month post. I'm on top of my game, can't you tell?
I weighed and measured her a few weeks ago because I had big intentions of finishing this post, but clearly I can't get the hang of having 2 babies under my care (which is another story of its own).

Weight: 13 lbs
Height: 23 inches

She is still the sweetest baby EVER! She is so quiet. She is the equivalent of Uncle G while Reese is the equivalent of her daddy. This was confirmed by Adam's Aunt Bec a few weeks ago when we saw her and she mentioned that all the crying pictures of Reese on Facebook look just like her daddy used to act. I knew it all along. He was a whinner, and now I am paying the child rearing price. 

Elynn still gets up one to two times a night to eat. She only takes a bottle at daycare, and she isn't at all crazy about them. I see some major wheening issues in our future. She doesn't love a paci, and rarely uses it as anything other than a chew toy.  

Preaching puts her right to sleep.

On February 3rd she went to daycare for the first time. I had no worries since her big sissy was there to watch out for her. (Anytime Elynn cries Reese insists, "her wants her to big sissy to hold her." By the way Elynn tenses up when Reese is around, I've got my doubts about that.")

Seriously though...about the sister thing. Elynn LOVES Reese. Reese can make her laugh out loud just by singing to her. Reese has a Barbie movie that has a song that says "Although she's a princess, she doesn't need a crown. Although she's a princess, she'll turn the world around." Reese sings it to Elynn all  the time and Elynn thinks it's the funniest thing. Of course when Reese sings it she say, "aldough hwr's a pwincess, hwr doesn't need a cwown."  Before we had kids I would have probably said I wanted a boy and girl, cause, ya know...that's like the American way. But let me go on record for saying that I am so thankful that God knew better. I will speak for Adam when I say that we adore having 2 girls. I am so glad that they will always have each other, and I pray (real hard) that they keep on loving each other so much.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Running off

So a few months ago all of us girls decided we needed to have a function without children or husbands just so we could, ya know, finish a sentence without one of us having to go wipe a kids booty. (Being the momma is all glitz and glamour.)

Anyway, this event was scheduled for last Saturday night. We all met up at Brandi's house about 6:00 and let me tell y'all what we take seriously: the menu. There was enough food to have fed us for a week (which is exactly how long my oldest daughter thought I was gone.)

And that is why these girls are my people. We have our priorities straight. #1: the menu. #2: we agreed no pictures because we all wanted to show up in yoga pants and no makeup. It was my favorite get together of all time. And that's saying a lot since our get togethers date way back to yee olden day of 1990 (the year we started kindergarten.).

So anyway after catching up (and solving all the world's problems) I got home around 11:30. (I haven't been out that late in I don't even remember when. And I haven't mentioned this, but I have trouble driving at night. I can't see very well. It's like I'm 82. I may need bifocals or something.)

So at 4:00 AM Reese calls for her daddy. He went to check on her:
Reese: Is momma home yet?
Adam: Yes.
Reese: Go get hwr.

Me: Hey, baby.
Reese: Momma, I missed you so much. I love you so much. I waited on you all day long. It was a long, long, day. Don't eva run off fwom us again.
Me: I wasn't gone long and I would never "run off" from you.

So she goes back to sleep. Sunday morning she got in the tub and said, "Momma, please don't eva run away again." I assured her I didn't run away.

At lunch she said the blessing and after thanking Jesus for the food she said, "And Jesus, pwease don't eva let my momma run away again."

Y'all. It was a grand total of 5 hours. You'd think I had abandoned her for life.

Heaven forbid we decide to take a girl's weekend trip somewhere. Reese would have to be medicated.

Monday, March 3, 2014

I haven't blogged in over a month....

because there is this.

I love her more than life, but let me state the obvious: We have our hands full.

She is a tiny little version of what I know her daddy had to be like.

Ok. And maybe a little of her momma too.

The 3s are a precious age that are going to be soley responsible for me getting on pills of some kind. 

But then she does things like tell her daddy, "You're going to be my pwince forever" and "Daddy, be my pwince and dance with me" and we seem to forget the moments that I wonder how I will ever make it through toddlerhood.  

I asked her last week about marrying her daddy which brought up the topic of what the word "married"
means...she said "You go to da chuwch and wear your longest dress."

I need to read up on the whole birth order thing cause Elynn? She always be like this...