Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Part 3

Christmas Eve started with lunch at my Papa's house. Reese met her newest cousin Wyatt. He was born two weeks after, but he is much bigger than her.

Auntie Kay (that is pronouced similar to the way you would say Annie- we chose not to pronouce the T) was corrupting her mind with all of that Roll Tide and Crimson and White talk. Speaking of the way we say "Auntie" BFF Steph's mom thought for years Auntie Kay's name was Annie Kay! HAHA

And here is the sister-in-law

Reese got a cute dress and a savings bond

Here are almost all of the kids. From let to right Mason (Auntie Kay's grandson), Canyon, Jolie, Logan, Little Red, and Clay

Madison and Marley (Auntie Kay's granddaughters) and Andi

We had dinner at Adam's granny's house. Adam's people are big on pictures, which blows my mind since I am accustomed to a mother who we refer to as Bill Miller. Ya'll, I have experienced entire holiday seasons with these people when a camera is never brought out! I don't understand this, but I love them anyway. Since no one else ever has a camera I try not to bring my out and be all obnouxious and stuff therefore I only have three pictures.
Big Daddy and D.D. Big Daddy has declared that he is not going to interact with Reese until she is 16 because she often cries when he talks to her. They gave Reese The Night Before Christmas from Hallmark- you know, the one they read and recorded it which I was excited about. Whoever invented that little recorable thing needs a hug. Such a cute idea.
Granny, Reese and Uncle G

Uncle Dwayne(Big Daddy's brother) and Aunt Janet
After reading The Night Before Christmas we put Reese to bed (where she got herself to sleep and slept all night long for the third night in a row) and waited for Santa to come!

Christmas Part 2

After the Christmas cookies and the ear infection episode we all went to MeeMaw and PeePaws for Christmas. At this family gathering we indulge in Papa Johns pizza every year which makes ten different types of happy- which I think is the same pieces I ate.

Reese wore this outfit that MeeMaw gave her

Andi went to daycare on Thursday so she didn't get to make cookies, but she reunited with her favorite cuz's that night.

Warning: my camera flash is ridiculously bright so in every Christmas picture my eyes are bugged:)

Reese got Monkey See Monkey Do- which is similar to My Baby Can Read. Did you know that you that system to be successful you are supposed to show the DVD and flashcards two or three times a day???

She also got this book that reads out loud and she loves it.

And her first baby doll.

Chinney got a sweater. It paralyzed him and he wouldn't move. We are just glad that after his stay in the hospital that he didn't go to be with the Lord during the holidays.

Ok, I got Photoshop for Christmas from the hubby and I edited this picture. I thought it looked soooooo good and I was soooooo proud- until now. Yeah, it looks terrible. I have a lot to learn about that little picture editor!

All those presents made Reese tired!

And because I never thought I would see brother changing a diaper! Brandi (the sister-in-law) says he does things for the little girl he would never do for the boys!

Jolie and Brandon got DSI 's and we didn't hear anything out of them for the rest of the night.

Reese's favorite gift of all....a Jumparoo!

On Christmas Eve I was getting her bath water ready and she fell asleep. Please look at that chubby arm.
This is a picture of some serious sleep!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Part 1

Well over the past few days I fell off the "lose your baby weight" bandwagon straight into a plate of sugar cookies. It started last Thursday when all the nieces and nephews came over to make Christmas cookies. When I notified Adam that they were all coming he reminded me of the first year we were wed. The kids all came to make cookies and three years later when we moved there was still cookie dough on the floor. As much as I tried it would not come out of the grout in the tile. So this year we used premade dough (no reinventing the wheel happening in my kitchen) so that the mess would be minimized.
While the cookies baked Jolie played peek-a-boo with Reese. Behind that paci she was smiling big!

Brandon (aka Little Red)

And don't you just love this little face!

The oldest nephew, Canyon. This could be the last year I get him to make cookies so I had to document it with a picture.

After making cookies Clay's ear started to hurt due to an ear infection. He cried and said things like, "Why does this always have to happen to me?" He has always had ear problems and because of all of the ear infections he has lost 30% of his hearing in one ear. So his ear drum busted later in the afternoon (after his momma rushed him to the doctor and they gave him a shot of Lortab- I didn't even know they gave kids such medication!) he cried some more and told his momma, "I don't want to have a hearing aid!"

After the Lortab kicked in Clay wanted to hold Reese.

And Jolie, the mother hen.

I have so many Christmas picture to upload and so little time off:) We had a great, but busy Christmas. We were so excited that it snowed on Reese's first Christmas. It was the first time Adam and I had seen a white Christmas too.
We ate way to much turkey and dressing, brought home left overs while vowing we would never manage to eat them all, and continued to eat ourselves into a stupor over the next few days!
So I have been thinking about my New Year's resolution and I saw an interview with some famous psychologist who said that the best way to keep your New Year's resolutions was to set specific short term goals. So I declared my resolution was to take down my Christmas trees before going back to work. Success! We took them down last night!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Christmas Song

For your viewing pleasure....(please excuse the quality- I had to record this with my handy dandy iphone and then upload it- I know, I am a technical genius:)

Adam and Uncle G bring you Christmas carols from way back when.

Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Weddings and Christmas gatherings

Saturday two of our good friends, Samantha and Zack, tied the knot- which meant that we got to see some of our favorite people! I was so nervous during the wedding that Reese was going to cry or act out. We all know how irritating it is for there to be a screaming baby at a wedding and I didn't want to the be the guilty party at this wedding. But she was just an angel during the ceremony! She went to sleep when we got there and woke up when we left.

Sarah giving Reese kisses

Adam made friends with Sarah and she even let him hold her

All the girls (along with our offsprings)

Sarah and her daddy (Jared) and Reese with her daddy. Sarah looks to be staring that bottle down:)

Anna Kate got in on the kissing action too

Our friends Abby and Ami

The whole group minus the couple of the hour...they were busy making pictures, dancing, eating cake etc.

LaRae I know I promised to crop you out, and I tried. Really I did, but when I crop you out it cuts Anna Kate and Sarah's heads off. And I knew you didn't want that. Plus I LOVE your face in all three pictures!

On Sunday we had Christmas at Aunt Bec's and Uncle Robert's (aka Big Horn). After a lovely dinner we watched home videos of Adam, Ollie, and Uncle G when they were wee little ones. If I can figure out how to get them on here you will be seeing a few of my favorite moments from those videos.
Reese's first Christmas gift- an ornament from Aunt Bec and Big Horn
Followed by her second present- a pink elephant from Cuz Ollie and Jay

After multiple tries we finally got a family photo

And after she slept till 9:00 this morning this is how happy she was... and her momma was pretty happy too!

So we set out to have lunch with my friend Blair
And here she is. She couldn't control herself...she wanted to eat my baby with a spoon!:)