Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunshine, Smiles, and Showers

In our little neck of the woods the weather was PERFECT this weekend! We had so much fun which made it incredibly hard to leave my baby and come back to work today. But I am not going to dwell too much on that- because I'm not one to beat a dead horse- it's not my nature;).

I finally finished these letters to go over Reese's bed. They are mediocre at best. And I didn't want to spend a lot on them since I will probably find something cuter that I just have to have within a year.

On Saturday we hosted a baby shower for Allison and Krystal. If nothing else was accomplished my house got cleaned!

A rule that we enforce at our house with semi-regularity is that sweets don't enter our door. 2 of 4 of Adam's grandparents have passed away from diabetes and Big Daddy is also plagued with diabetes. Therefore I make an effort to limit the sugar that we eat. By "we" I mean Adam. I made these candy jars for the shower and the hubby could hardly control himself. He sneaked candy ALL day on Saturday while I threatened to cut his hand off if he ate one more piece. I do it for his own good and I get no respect!

I also got the Cricut out and made these name banners.

Brandi made the cake and impressed the heck out of me! Not only was it cute, but delicious too!

I bought these leg warmers at Target and MeeMaw sewed the pink stuff to the bottom. Reese stared at her feet for the longest time trying to figure out what was on them!

Ya'll, I am just in love with that little face. And I kissed all over it this weekend.

Adam had a fire going in the fire pit. He secretly got excited when it got out and he had to pretend to be a fire fighter again and put it out.

Reese and Anna Kate with Brandi

All the girls

Anna Kate would say "hold Reese" which came out "old eese" So cute!

Adam got in her good graces by offering her candy which her momma loved:)

Allison getting a little practice. The next time that we get together will be for the birth of Krystal and Zach's Makenna!

Reese has never spent more than 30 seconds outside since it has been so cold since she was born. So I was excited that we had Sunday afternoon with no plans! So we headed to early church. Reese has this smock dress that she hasn't worn so I put it on her. She crumpled it up and pulled on it like she didn't like it. SHE IS MY CHILD!!! I hated nothing more as a child than an "itchy" dress, undergarments, or socks! But just like my momma did me- I made her wear it!

Because, really, look how cute!

And those little shoes! Now she didn't keep those shoes on more than 2 minutes but that's okay. I got a picture and that is what counts.

After church we headed to Oxford for Brandon aka Little Red's birthday party at the skating rink. Since it was such nice weather we ate outside at Mellow Mushroom. The last time we had eaten there was the week before she was born. Speaking of mediocre- our photography skills leave a lot to be desire.

And here she is at her first skate party.

The birthday boy and his cuz Britton. Do you see why we call him Little Red

And his big brother who, I am proud to say, is not embarrased to have his picture make with his crazy aunt. It only seems like yesterday that we were at his 6th birthday party and here he is- bigger than me (and making me look ghostly pale)!

So we did a little shopping where Reese got a few new outfits. On the way home I sat in the back with her since she was awake and we held hands:) And my little heart almost exploded with love:)
So all-in-all we had a FANTASTIC weekend that has left us with a serious case of spring fever!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

He's Back!

The hubby has been out of town this week, but due to my state of paranoia that someone will break in and try to kidnap/kill me I did not mention this.

Dear Potential Burglar,
If you speak with my hubby I am sure he will give you at least 10 good reasons that you DON'T want to kidnap me. I would be willing to bet these would make the list: 1. I tend to cost a lot in groceries 2. I can do some serious complaining if I am not happy. I can also give you some reasons: 1. thanks to the hubby I have a shotgun and a pistol 2. after an interesting afternoon a few years ago I know how to use them 3. and surprisingly, even to myself, I am not afraid to use them 4. I also own pepper spray 5. we have 2 fierce K9's in our yard and they will bark to notify me that you are lurking 5. don't let looks deceive, the little one can be as ferocious as the big one and they will bite your legs off and then lick you to death.
Sincerely, Elena

I completely blame my paranoia on my parents who made me this way by making me continuously aware of the bad things that can happen at every turn in life. PeePaw is especially fond of telling me all the ways to be precautious in life. In college he gave me an air tank in case I had a flat tire on some country road with no cell service. Since he didn't arm me with a weapon I assume he thought I could spray a bad guy in the face with the AIR and buy myself enough time to get away. Too bad all of his precaution advice was for naught since he lost all credibility with me when he declared that he was going to start drinking Mountain Dew in order to cut back on his caffeine. Ya'll.
So anyway myself and Reese have been holding the fort down on our own the last few days. And oh my goodness at the pressure to get up and get us both ready and gone before 6 A.M. Thankfully I can send Reese to daycare in her PJs which is exactly what has happened the last 3 mornings.
We had some carrots while we waited on him...which, as you can tell, were very yummy- proof, they are on her eye lid:)

My nephew Clay refers to Reese as "Big Eyes" and this is why!

Then he walked back in the door late last night and our little world started turning again.

And they loved on each other for a while.

And then Daddy woke her up from her nap for her bath (and in an effort for her to sleep all night- which worked like a charm!)- Except she was not happy about it!

And shortly after, fell fast asleep again!

Since hubby took a hiatus from us (and since I have about as many sick days as I do condos at the beach) he is playing Daddy today and taking our sweet baby to the doctor for her 4 month shots.
Doctor Stats: 13lbs 12oz. and 24 1/2 inches long
On a completely unrelated note- today is my other nephew, Brandon aka Little Red, 6th birthday. Since Adam and I started dating the month he was born we keep up with how many years we have been together by his birthday. He is one funny little kid!

And for your reading pleasure- a short story from C'burg- I had a student come to me today and apologize for her behavior yesterday. We had had a minor altercation in the hallway which left her in the office receiving her punishment for being highly disrespectful. Anyway, she came in my room this morning to announce that she was sorry for the way she acted... "My brother got arrested again yesterday and that is why I was in a bad mood." And I accepted her apology, but only because he had been sent to the pen AGAIN. If it had been his first offense she would have been up a creek:) My job makes me laugh and continuously say "Bless her/his heart"

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random thoughts from a momma running on 32 seconds of sleep....

I have some random issues that are weighing heavy on my heart. They are as follows:

On Saturday, after I had wasted 5 hours of my life sitting in a class to complete my teaching certificate (actually 9 hours were wasted seeing as I had to drive to Tuscaloosa for this class) I stopped by Super Target to purchase a few things. And Super it was. Ya'll have no idea how deprived we are that we have to buy all of our groceries at WalMart. But that is a rant for another day. So while wondering the aisles at Super Target my buggy wheels skreetched to a halt when I see that swimsuits are hanging on racks. I quickly did the math to discover that in 3 to 4 months I will be expected to introduce my baby to the swimming pool which will require me to get into one of these...If that doesn't strike fear in your heart then you are a better woman than me.

So here I am delcaring to all who care that I must begin an exercise regiment sooner rather than later. Because the clock is quickly ticking to the big reveal at the pool. I just hope everyone will be so facinated with my babies chubby rolls that they won't be worried about mine.
I was looking at my sweet baby last night and her little chubby fingers and thinking how they won't always look so cute and babyish. So I would like to document those dimpled knuckles and short stubby fingers with these pictures. (It is tough tough tough to get a picture of a busy babies hands!) Most attempts looked like this

But things started looking up when I promised her carrots and bananas if she would let me get a picture

Aren't dogs the funniest things sometimes? Ours make us laugh so hard...when they aren't making us mad digging up our yard. But really look how sweet. They are BFF. (BFF Steph, do not leave a dirty comment about my sweet Autie. I want you to start liking dogs more and in particular- Rat Terriers.)

Speaking of BFF Steph- during one of the 48 times we have talked over the weekend she said she loves how I refer to Reese as "my baby" as opposed to "our baby" or "Reese." Anything to entertain you, Steph. Anything.

If I don't make time to deep clean my house I am going to be driven to the brink of insanity. And trust me, it's a short trip.

I had to drop my baby off at daycare on Monday and today. I had just gotten over the bitterness of going back to work and then on Monday I relapsed. She was the very first kid there and as I drove off I calculated that she would be spending 10 hours there that day. 10 hours thanks to the fact that I drive a total of 2 hours everyday on top of an 8 hour work day. I almost revolted and refused to go to work. But then I thought of her college fund and how I desire to make deposits into that bottomless account. But more immediately I thought of the power bill and lets face it -that is one commodity I would rather not live without. Reese agreed and told me she totally understood why I had to leave her there. But still, 10 hours people. I am basically paying someone to raise my baby. But I am not bitter. Not at all.

Reese has started waking up during the night again. We try not to give her a bottle because we think it is habit that she is waking up wanting one. When I see on the monitor that she is stirring I start praying the ever popular promise prayer- Dear Lord, please let her go back to sleep and I promise to never again be too tired to do my Bible study before bed. HE must know that there will be times that I just can't keep that promise because he has chosen not to grant my request. Particularly on Sunday night when I got up 7 times to put the paci in her mouth. 7 times. Then at 1:30 I broke down and put her in our bed where she fell fast asleep. Last night she had a tummy ache and slept for 32 seconds. Good times.

So anyway, since I didn't sleep any last night I almost got myself a pick-me-up in the form of french toast sticks at Burger King this morning...but you know, that clock...tick, tick, tick.

Friday, January 21, 2011


For the last week when speaking with the hubby I have started so many sentences with, "This time last year..." And I would end the sentence with either, "we were about to get the shock of our lives" or "we were about to find out about that little piece of perfection laying over there."

One year ago today we found out we were expecting this sweet little thing (or thang, depending on how southern you want to sound)

(I realize I am over using these pictures, but I just love them. Makes me want to leave school right now and go kiss her face!)

I don't mean to sound over dramatic, but we were beyond surprised! By surprised I mean shook to the very core of my being. I remember everything about that day...I decided at school that I would take a test (which, in and of itself will make a girl nervous) and once the plan was in motion 3:00 could not come fast enough. I scarfed down a flat bread from Subway on my way home (no amount of nerves will stand in the way of my food), I ran in the door to take the test, and when I saw the word PREGNANT I sat down in the bathroom floor light headed. When I told Adam we sat in the living room for quiet a while wondering how, in 9 short months, we could be expected to raise a baby.

I only wish I would have taped Adam's reaction. Pale faced and shocked are 2 words that come to mind. But, you know, hindsight is 20/20.

And here we are 1 year later and living proof that HE knows better than we do. And I am sure HE was laughing looking down at us just the week before say, "January of 2011 we will start trying to have a baby." Young lad, by January of 2011 you will have a 4 month old:)

You can read about how I told Adam and how we told our parents here.

Today, with a thankful heart, I can say that the Lord knows better than we do about our very own lives. And oh how thankful I am that he decided to give us the above subject:)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

4 Months Old

4 months old!!! Reese can hardly believe it!
And in my humble motherly opinion the following pictures capture pure 4 month old perfection!

At 4 months old Reese:

Due to pregnant brain I completely forgot to weigh her last night. And then I was informed this morning that I misspelled Krystal's baby name on an invitation I sent out- which goes to show that I have completely LOST my mind. Can someone please help me find it! I am getting desperate.
Sleeps in her own bed, which I know I have already documented but I am so proud. I am actually prouder of myself than of her.

Drinks 4 ounces every 2 hours and usually plays with her hair while doing so which we will talk more about in another post.

Eats ceral before bedtime although some nights she is more interested in it than other nights

Has the cutest little pop belly

Loves to get a bath

Smiles and laughs most of the time, but gives us this very serious face sometimes that says, "Are you kidding? You two clowns are my parents?"
Drools A LOT! Which makes us wonder about the possibility of cutting teeth soon...
Rolled over from her tummy to her back last Friday and Saturday, but refuses to do it again...possibly because I have the video camera in her face:)

I know our families don't believe that she really is a happy baby since she did a lot of crying during the Christmas holidays and last weekend when we saw everybody, but here is proof that she does smile! For some reason lately if we go somewhere and someone other than Adam or I hold her she gets really upset. Ya'll just let me enjoy my day because before long she will cry when we pick her up at the grandparents and try to take her home. This is my moment and I am basking in it:)

Thinks that I am funny

Still loves her paci...

But loves her hands a lot more! And not just her thumb, but ALL of her fingers too. She doesn't really suck them. She just likes to have them in her mouth and lick them.

Kicks her feet like she is trying to run away. Especially on her changing table which she loves.

Got strapped on and did some exploring outdoor on Sunday. We took the dogs for a walk and the whole time we were gone Reese licked the black and white part of the carrier.

Sits around in her Bumbo seat and looks so cute

And has the sweetest little feet you have ever seen

Helps me fold clothes

And sometimes catches a ride in the clothes basket

Tries to hold her own bottle, but she pushes and pulls on it making it hard to feed her.

Likes being on her tummy so much more than before

Pulls her paci out of her mouth and then stares at it while trying to get it back in her mouth

Has seen a lot of snow in her 4 months and gotten a lot of use out of this boggin

Loves to be held! Sometime I will look down and she has fallen asleep while I am walking around and holding her.

I laughed so hard when I looked back at this picture because it looks like the fish on the blanket is going to eat my baby!

And just because these are so cute they need no commentary

Lots of times all I have with me is my handy dandy iphone and she does something that screams for me to get a picture. Exhibit A:
Do any of you know how I can make those pictures the same size as my other pictures?