Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Let the fighting begin

There was a rumor yesterday that Addie and Reese got into a couple of toddler brawls at daycare. I got this big story when I picked Reese up about how Addie hit Reese on the face and then one, or both, of them went to time out. And on. And on. And on. The story seemed to never end. It saddens me to say this, but I never know what to believe. She claimed last week that, "Bezabez pank me on my cot." (Translation: Elizabeth spanked me on my cot.) I have a hard time believing that, but if she did 'pank' her I don't blame her. I'm sure she deserved it. (If there is one thing I have learned from teaching high school it is that your kids are NEVER as innocent as they act like they are.) 

So last night we got this video from Addie

Reese replied 

Allison seemed to believe that Addie hadn't been nice, but I feel sure Reese instigated the whole thing. Either way their video apologies made it all worth it. Good news, we've got roughly 16 more years of this;)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

This makes day 2 of no makeup

This has been my favorite weekend since whenever the last time was that I sat around for two days straight without putting on makeup or washing my hair. If memory serves me (which is doubtful since I can no longer remember to get things at the grocery store that ARE ON my list) it has been a sweet forever. 

Friday I decided to play Russian rullet with my life and go to Walmart for a few necessities. One lady in a power wheelchair approached me and asked if I had won the lottery to pay for everything in my buggy. No, but $335 later I headed to the car with a rounded off buggy of essentials like rice crispy treats, instant oatmeal, and diet Dr. Pepper while silently praying I would never again be subjected to the agony of a Friday night shopping trip to Walmart. Adulthood is a blast. 

Adam met me in town when he got off of work and took Reese home with him. He knows the danger of a trip to Walmart on a Friday night and he wanted his daughter to be no part of it. She quickly shuffled through the bags until she found a few summer items I purchased her, and began the never ending quest of sorting and folding them to her liking. 

She then proceeded to climb upon her stage and perform her number 1 hit which is a remix of 5 Little Monkeys/Wheels on the Bus/Jesus Loves Me.

It devastates me that we got a kid with no personality. 

Later that night I was giving her a bath
Me: Did you have fun with Daddy while I was gone?
Reese: Yes. 
Me: I'm so glad.
Reese: But I cwy. 
Me: Why?
Reese: Cause I want you. 

And with that statement she completed my. whole. life. 

I spent the better part of Saturday cleaning and organizing her tee tiny bedroom around her gigantic big girl bed while I thanked the good Lord that he saw fit for her to actually close her sweet little eyes and sleep in there. It has been the greatest blessing of my two and a half year mothering career. I was secretly gloating about the fact that we got rid of the bottle, the paci, and she is now fluently speaking the language of potty training when I heard her say, "Ma-ie I poop in my pants." And that's exactly what I get for mentally patting us on the back for our mediocre parenting skills. (Plus who am I kidding? Ms. Liz has been the driver of the potty train. We have merely been along for the ride.That woman is worth every penny we pay her.)

She spent Saturday like this. 

There has been an array of sickness going through daycare this week. It's either the flu, pneumonia, or the dreaded virus. Allison text me Thursday, "Beware. Liz just called me. Addie is throwing up." My heart sank. I started devising ways I would keep this news from one virus paranoid Adam. Reese had other plans. The first thing she told him that afternoon was, "Addie frewd up. On the table. It big." Well. Thank goodness you told him that. I give it 12 hours maximum until he is declaring he has virus like symptoms. 

I was wrong. He didn't mention feeling sick, but he made sure to put the items needed for "the Tummy Bug" drink on my grocery list.  

Saturday Reese found a book my Auntie Kay made of the day she was born. She and her daddy were looking  through it while he told her all about that life changing day. They got to a picture of the 3 of us and I heard him say, "In this picture daddy was going on about 2 hours of sleep." Well, yes. Of course he was. I GAVE BIRTH to her and his 2 hours of sleep is what he tells her about. 

Reese and I didn't go to church this morning because I felt sure the other mothers would frown upon the hacking cough she is toting around. About an hour ago I finally talked her into getting a bath and changing PJs. She told me about a hundred times that her bath was too "haaawwtt" (hot). She is from a very deep part of the South.). Other than that bath, cooking a pan of brownies is about as much physical exertion I plan to put forth this afternoon. 

As we speak, she is sitting behind me brushing my hair and calling me "Lay Lay" which is her southern version of Lee Lee that she has heard her daddy and Jolie call me. She also finds it necessary to tell me, "You hair not pwetty." Thank you, baby. Thank you for breaking it to me gently.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dear sleep, I've missed you dearly.

I haven't slept a whole night in 2 years and 5 months since Reese had her tonsils taken out. Why? Because she is either
a. calling out for "mook"
b. demanding that I "hold juuu" 
c. sleeping ACROSS our bed 
d. all of the above

The correct answer is D. All of the above. 

And let me tell you, I have been in a foul mood because of it. Not to mention how foul I have looked. 

We upgraded her to the toddler version of her crib. I rocked her to sleep, (which is what I did every. single. night. prior to the tonsils) laid her down in the toddler bed, and she slept beautifully until somewhere around midnight. She woke up crying and I was so afraid she would fall out of the bed. She ended up back in our bed because she said things like, "Mommy, cuddle me." And I was all like, "why, yes you sweet little angel. I will cuddle you every night from now on." (Actually she says "Ma-ie" not mommy.)

We knew she had to go back to her room. Adam was confident he had a couple of bruised ribs and black eyes from her kicking him during the night. (Whoever said men aren't dramatic never met one A-master.) 

Saturday we hauled in a full sized mattress because we knew we would lay down with her at some point. Saturday night came.
Reese: I sweepy.
Me: Let's go to your bed.
Reese: Nooooooo! Go to you bed. Lay down. 
Me. Noooooo. We can lay together in your big girl bed. 

I wrestle her into her room.
Reese: Wet (let) me down. Go to you room!! Peeeaassssee.

This was followed by more of the same ongoing argument plus A LOT of crying. She obviously underestimated my desire to prove to her daddy that I could make her sleep in her bed again. I won. And I won again Sunday night. And again Monday night. Victory is sweet.

We have a rail on one side and a pile of pillows on the other side. And, for good measure, a few more in the floor in case she falls off. 

She achieved the open mouth level of sleep last night. 

 I'd be lying if I said I didn't almost cry the ugly cry when we took down her crib. All those hours spent searching for the perfect fabric for the bumper pads. Sigh. It all passed so quickly. Now I'm spending hours planning her big girl room. MeeMaw better warm up that sewing machine because I've got big plans for a bed skirt, duvet cover, and curtains. Apparently I am the pickiest person alive because I haven't found a thing I would even consider buying. 

Friday I checked Jolie out of school under the guise of an appointment. Yeah, an appointment with more fun than the 3rd grade could ever offer. (I'm just kidding. She happens to have the same teacher I had in 3rd grade, and she remains my favorite teacher of all time.) For reasons unknown, my sister and I thought it was acceptable to let them have donuts, pizza, cotton candy, and THREE icees throughout the day. (I know why she thought it was okay. They were spending the night at my house.) The shopping trip came to a screeching halt when Reese told me (in front of The Children's Place employee), "I pee pee in the fwor." Well, thank you so much for announcing that to the world. At that point I felt obligated to buy something, and to take my posse to the house. 

Saturday looked a lot like this...

When the big girl room comes together, there will be a reveal post. I know you will be on the edge of your seat until then.

P.S. My proudest moment of the weekend came Sunday. As soon as church got started she stood up on the pew, pulled down her pigtails, and started taking off her dress. From now on we are going to be true to our roots and be back row Baptists. Then only Jesus will know what she does during worship. ;)