Thursday, April 17, 2014

Elynn: 5 months

5 Months:
Weight: 14lbs 1oz
Height: 25 inches
She is in the 50th percentile in both.

Wears 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers
Somewhere during month 4 and 5 her sleep has started to change. She sleeps in a Nap Nanny beside our bed (yes, I know they have been recalled but that was due to user error, and personally I LOVE the product), and has done great in it so far. She has started nursing more at night and then cries when I put her back she sleeps in our bed with us. GASP! We went down this same road with Reese and she eventually had to cry it out. Apparently though, I am not the woman I once was. I don't think I can do the cry it out thing again. It is a very successful method, but I never felt good about her crying so much. (It really only took Reese 2 nights of crying it out, but those 2 nights still haunt me.) I'm going to start looking into other options, but for now I am going to let her be. Since she is nursing so often, I don't want to have to run across the house to get her every 2-3 hours. If you've got any suggestions, do tell!! (Maybe she can sleep with her big sissy when she is old enough??)

She loves to look at the iPad. 
She LOVES her dolly!
One afternoon Elynn got fussy and Reese looked at her and said (in one of those tones you use when you talk to a baby), "that baby is tired!" 

She got shots and they caused her to be cranky the entire spring break.
 They enjoyed a wagon ride during spring break. Reese dressed herself. Actually, these days Reese always dresses herself and I want to walk around with a sign that says that just so people know I didn't do it.

Sometimes Reese uses Elynn's fingers to play the iPad. Elynn doesn't seem to mind, but sometimes she makes these kinds of faces about it...

Y'all, her little ears! They stick out a little and are a tiny bit pointed (she gets this from both Adam and I) and I just love them! And her chubby cheeks. I love those too. Oh, and the little fat rolls on her legs. Precious! 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Break 2014

I took the Friday before Spring Break off because Adam had 2 days he either had to use or lose, and no self-respecting working person is going to lose a vacation day. Reese left on Thursday morning with Big Daddy and DD heading to Pigeon Forge, and Adam, Uncle G, Elynn, and I all drove up that afternoon.

When we got there, the first thing she told us was that we had to ride the Ferris Wheel. She also told us all about the train we kept hearing..."You hear da choo choo twain? It's at Gollywood." (Dollywood). I didn't get a picture but she also loved the "hot swimming pool" at the cabin. It was a hot tub, and I threatened her life if she got any of that questionable water in her mouth. 

She struck this pose all on her own.

Later in the day, we took her to the snow tubing place. Here we are riding up the incline. I know it's a distant picture, but can you see that moron wearing capri yoga pants? Yeah, that'd be yours truly. Clearly, the snow tubing adventure wasn't a planned event, and the weather was all undecided. (It was undecided until we got ready to snow tube, then it decided to be cold.)

She has made it a point to tell me a hundred times since then that, "I want to be a growd up so next time I can slide by myself."
This brings me to another story I've been meaning to document. We don't let Reese say "gosh." Not that it's a bad word or anything, it just doesn't sound good coming from a 3 year old. So anytime somebody says that word Reese immediately looks at me with big eyes and says, "da word.We don't say da word." So this little boy at the snow tubing place said "da word" which put him on her bad list in the first place. Then the same boy told Uncle G that she put some of the snow in her mouth (Gag! So nasty.) which lead Uncle G to tell Reese to tell the little boy that "we don't like tattle tales." Which was very mature on Uncle G's part, don't ya think? (Can't take him anywhere. I am not even gonna go into what he taught her happens when you pull somebody's finger.)

We also rode the Alpine Coaster. It was raining, and the ride was fast, and it even made me nervous as I flew down the mountain, but my girl? She loved it.

Can you see it? It's going wayyyyy up the mountain, then you ride the little sled back down at a really fast speed.
The place we stayed had this awesome play ground. Y'all, it had the highest slide I had ever seen. She loved it. I slid down it and it took my breath.

We also went to visit my Nanny then had lunch at my Auntie Kay's. Everyone had to participate in Reese's egg hunt.

Elynn took the opportunity to look all cute and get someone to hold her while she napped.

If you were involved in our wedding day, then you already know this story. Here is my sister. She is also an animal tamer. There was an unfortunate incident the morning of our wedding where a chipmunk got in the bedroom with some of my sleeping bridesmaids and it caused quite the stir; however, we called in the animal tamer and she caught the chipmunk then released him into the wild. (As you might imagine, it did not happen as calmly as I just made it sound. There were hot rollers thrown down the stairs, and girls jumping on the bed, and squealing that could be heard for miles. It was the wedding day version of Ray Stevens The Mississippi Squirrel song. Except no pastors or deacons got saved.)

Anyway "Aunt Heada" caught a lizard and Reese....oh my little Reese E Cup....was terrified. (To put it mildly.)

Then Aunt Heada, that nut, put the lizard on her head. Reese almost lost her little mind.

We spent the rest of the week playing outside and such.

I fear that she might be a little like her momma in the fishing department. It requires quiet (Or so they say. Personally, I think that's some junk a bunch of men made up in order to keep women from wanting to fish.) and patience, so it might not be her thing. But she made the best of it, spent her time wisely, and bossed her daddy around after she figured out she wasn't going to catch a fish. Elynn and I sat on the golf cart and watched it all unfold. (I say that so that I can also say that sometimes there aren't picture of E because I am hold her while I am making pictures of Reese. A momma can only do so much.)