Friday, October 31, 2014

Little Bo Peep and her Lost Sheep

As though there was any doubt, Reese requested to be Elsa. After her party I had taken about all of Elsa that I could stand. I started talking up Little Bo Peep and her sheep. Because Reese loves that baby sister so much, it didn't take much to convince her. 

 The Lost Sheep was okay as long as she didn't have to wear the hat, but the hat was the cutest part! We tried to give her a cracker to make her happy (really, as much as she loves to eat, we should have made her a little piggy), but then she started all the crying and I was afraid she was going to get choked.
 Then. Just as she had calmed down a little, Reese accidentally knocked her in the head with her Bo Peep staff and she started all over again.

When we got to town to do our trick or treating, Reese decided she didn't want to carry her staff. Of course, Adam started making threats that, I'm not gonna carry this thing for you all night", but like the good daddy he is he helped her out. 
 We gave Elynn her first sucker and didn't hear another sound out of that little Lost Sheep.

Here she is loving that sucker. It was so cute how she was doing her little mouth while she ate it. 

And here is Reese telling on her daddy for eating all of her candy. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Elynn's Pumpkin Patch Party

I can't promise this will be the only pumpkin patch party this kid will have in her lifetime. Until she is old enough to want something else, chances are good pumpkins are going to be involved because HELLO!!?? Pumpkins are the best! Which is exactly why a week prior to the party Adam and I were pushing around 2 buggies in Walmart filled to the max with 22 pumpkins. 

She was a lot happier about it being her birthday than she appears in most of these pictures. She gets all emotional when she gets tired and people besides her momma and daddy hold her. 

Knox was really unsure about Adam. He gave him a very uncertain look anytime he got close.

My friend LaRae made the sign.

All of the little children got to pick a pumpkin and paint it.

Really, is there any other way to eat your first cake beside having your little piggies up in the action?

Having a big sis means you don't get to open your own presents.

This picture makes me squeal with happiness. Eeeeekkk! That little face! 

Here she is with her great grands. My granddad is 89
And my grandmother is 85. Clearly there is some longevity in my family that I hope I inherited. Seriously though if these children don't start sleeping better I will never see my 80s. I am likely to fall over from sheer exhaustion sometime much this weekend.

The weather was perfect for her party (and reminded me very much of our wedding day- which is my favorite day of all time). Speaking of- we had an anniversary Monday. Maybe I will get to post about at some point before we celebrate our 8th year.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Elynn is ONE!

Our favorite baby sister turns 1 at 5:29 this afternoon. This is my favorite picture from her party. It is also one of the few times she wasn't crying at her party. 

A year ago today I went to Target, drank a Starbucks, and browsed around before my 10:00 appointment. Her due date was still 2 weeks away. I cried the ugly cry when Dr. Ballard told me I was 5-6cm, and she was going to keep me. We all remember how the epidural went with Reese... Well...maybe you don't remember, but I do and I was SHOOK up about having another one. But it all went so well that I declared just after her delivery that I might consider having another one. Her delivery was easy, and she has continued that trend by being the most easy going person at our house. Although lately she has started making sure she is heard. She regularly screams at Reese, but that is partly because Reese is trying to love her to death. I never imagined that Reese would handle Elynn's arrival as well as she did. Reese loves her so much, and wants so badly for Elynn to love her back. I desperately want them to be close. I'm sure that is a lofty goal considering girls love nothing more than to argue with each other, but I remain SO thankfully that we got 2 girls. (It doubles mine and Adam's chances of one day getting to live with them rather than being put in a nursing home. We all know the chances of daughters caring for their aging parents is much higher than that of a son caring for them. ;)) 

Happy Birthday sweet E-lee! We love and adore you!! 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

The yearly Pumpkin Patch trip is hands down my favorite family outing of the year. It is normally hotter than fire, but I insist on fall attire anyway. But this year it was perfect. It was in the low 70s, and I barely even broke a sweat. A opposed to last year. Chubby here was 40 lbs heavier and days away from having a baby

Reese said, "Momma, make a picture of me doin this..." 

 Contraire to what this picture might lead you to believe, we have not adopted a dark haired little boy. Seriously, we stood around forever waiting for the kid to get off the truck, so we finally had to go with it.