Thursday, December 5, 2013

Santa Claus

Since Reese's first Christmas, this was the first year there were no tears when we went to see the big man. But really, her first Christmas doesn't count since she was only 3 months old.

She told him (and I quote), "I want a sheen so I can sew Cupcake somepin' somepin' to wear to the ball game next year. Yay!" Cupcake is the baby doll she got the day Elynn was born, and she wants to sew her something to wear to the ball games next year. Y'all, she's a girl after my own heart. She also wants a karaoke machine, a matching game, and a bed for her baby dolls, but the "sheen" was the only thing she told Santa about. God bless Adam, I don't think he can take 2 women in the house screaming at a "sheen."

She didn't cry, but she definitely thought he was a little sketchy.  

Then there was this....a tiny little smile.

She now is of the belief that Bass Pro Shops is the North Pole. That's going be a little difficult to explain when we go there in...oh...say...July. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Elynn: 1 month old

Weighs between 9-10 lbs. 

Usually goes to bed around 8 or 9, and gets up to eat 2 times between then and 5 or 6 AM. 

She is very quiet and laid back. I hear that this is common in 2nd babies. She very rarely cries. We thought that Reese was such an easy baby, but compared to Elynn, Reese was high maintenance. 

She got a paci when she was 3 weeks old, but she doesn't love it. Most of the time she gags and spits it out. We finally found one that she seemed to like, but it isn't something she has to have. 

Reese on the left at 1 month. Elynn on the right at 1 month. 

Bless her heart. She is Reese's personal baby doll and patient. Here she is getting her temperature taken. She also got a shot from Dr. Reese. When I told Reese to be careful she said, "I just 'tendin'." (pretending)