Friday, August 21, 2015

Okaloosa Island 2015

We spend the 4th of July at the beach. Other than Elynn hating the sand until the last day, we had so much fun. Since that's been well over a month ago, I'm just posting the pictures because Lord knows I can't remember the details. I'm lucky to remember where I laid my keys down last.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The blog makes me sad

 The blog has taken a hit. A hard one. Summer needs a whippin' for how fast it went by. I have to work 10 months (or 20 extra days) now, so between that and a week of VBS, I only get about 3 weeks of do-nothing summertime. Which all of you non-teachers are mentally slapping me for complaining about only getting 3 weeks of vacation.

I've said it before, but if I could freeze time I would do it now. When they don't have me wanting to pull my hair out, they have me laughing the knee slapping kind of laugh.

Elynn's favorite quote right now is, "what dat?" And she asks it about everything. After we tell her what "that" is, she will follow it with either "I wanna ride dat" or "I wanna eat dat."

 Reese is on constant PeePaw patrol. If she hears him outside, she wants me to take them over to him and ride the Kabota or tractor. She told me this week she wanted to put on her "pink braws." I laughed because I thought she meant a real bra- which she doesn't own. She meant her overalls.
 A few weeks ago (on my way home from going to a flee market at 4:30 AM- I don't even recognize myself anymore) I found a little family of dogs living in a pipe. We took some food to them and it was right about then that Reese starting giving them names and calling them hers. Relief flooded me when they wouldn't let us get close enough to touch them. (Also Adam  says if it isn't a tax deduction we can't have it.) So from then on she wanted to go down "snake road" (still not sure why she calls it that, but she has for about 2 years now) and see the dogs. One morning she said, "Momma, the next time we have a meeting with Big Daddy and DD at the cheese place, let's go down snake road and see the puppies." Oh how I laughed because apparently we have "meetings" with our families at the Mexican restaurant.

This little curly top is a hand full. Her go-to self defense methods include, but are not limited to hair pulling, biting, and pinching. Mostly she only uses those on her sister. Recently Reese has decided that she doesn't always want to give over the toy she is playing with to Elynn. It has caused many meltdowns that force me to have to involve myself. It's not pleasant. But isn't she cute????Well...I think this was actually a terrible two's came early moment....

I dare to predict we have a hoarder on our hands. She is constantly gathering things for her bags that she's planning to take with us places. Those bags then get left in my car and once they get unpacked(sometimes weeks later) I find all sorts of things I've been missing. She takes babies and bags and strollers and car seats every where we go. When I tried to get her to leave them in the car while we shopped, she quickly told me, "Momma, you can't leave babies in a hot car!" 

A few weeks ago I was getting ready for work and when I came in the living room Elynn grabbed my hand and started walking while saying "piddy, piddy." I asked her what was pretty and my heart melted when she said "my momma." Sweetness oozes from her sometimes.

One night when Reese came and got in our bed Adam got up to go to the bathroom. When he came back she had already fallen asleep. She jumped when he moved her over enough for him to lay down. She said, "Daddy, you skittled me." Being startled will mess with your vocabulary.

Reese loves to clean with "Chlorlox" wipes.  She doesn't want the word "kindergarten" mentioned in her presence. She cries anytime it is talked about. She wants to stay with "Mrs. A-liz" forever. I think that is only because she heard me say that she has to gets shots before going to big school. It'd be fine with me if she stayed there forever too.