Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Elynn: Almost 17 months

Since I know good and well I won't get around to doing a 17 month update, I will just do an in between update. Just doin' the best I can people. Which by the way, I've reached an all new low. My mother took notice of how out of sorts my house was and came to straighten up last weekend while we were gone. I thanked her because I am pretty sure it saved our marriage. Adam told me Sunday he was afraid I had given up on life.

At 16/17 months old:
Weight: Maybe I will remember to weigh her tonight

Wears 12-18 month clothes, size 3 shoes, and size 3 diapers.

She can say: mama, dada, sissy, Reese, shoe, sock, bye, night night, Po-paw (PeePaw), D.D.

Elynn likes to bite her sissy and pull her hair. A few weeks ago Reese started screaming that Elynn was biting her. I was putting up clothes and didn't pay her a lot of attention. (And quite frankly, I don't blame Elynn at times. Reese LOVES her to the point it annoys Elynn.) So a little later Reese came crying with her sleeve raised up. Sure enough, she had teeth marks on her arm. I said, "Well baby, if I'm not close by then spank her little hand and make her stop." To which Reese replied, "I can't do nothing cause I'm not a mommy!"

 We all 4 had to take a load of stuff back to Big Daddy's in his box truck, so we all rode up front.Reese wasn't sure about it.
 For about the past month or so they have both been sleeping with us. Probably a bad habit, but Adam is usually up at the new house working till 9 or 10 PM and it's easier for me if we all lay down together. However, I have woke up with my head on the night stand more than once. But I do not regret them moving in on us because I get the sweetest pictures.

 Elynn is usually up for anything Reese wants to do including tying the wagon to her car and being pulled. I was sure this would result in us at the emergency room, but it provided a whole afternoon of entertainment.
 Reese lets Elynn ride in the buddy seat on the tractor. When Elynn tags along, Reese sits on the other side. You can barely see her behind PeePaw. Since October or so, Reese has been helping PeePaw with the cows. Lately she only wants to go if Elynn goes. I guess she thinks Elynn and I are doing something exciting without her.

I took a 1/2 day off of work to get this. The concrete was going to be ready between 9:30 and 10:00. Elynn's feet are on the left. Reese's hands in the middle, and after crying her little eyes out, Elynn reluctantly let me get one of her hand prints to the right of Reese's hands.
Lowe's has become our second home. I don't know who acts the worst- the kids running around entertaining themselves or Adam fussing about how the kids are acting. It's like I am the only one in this family who knows how to act in public;). One night it was getting out of control on the plumbing aisle. (By the way- there is no way that they make a piece of plumbing that we don't own. I'm confident we have it all and that's mainly because Adam isn't sure exactly what size he needs so he buys all the sizes he thinks are close and then we return the ones that don't work.) I found these little handy baskets that had wheels on them. Reese was pulling Elynn, and I would pull them both, and BAM...out of nowhere a worker walked by and Reese said, "Is the wurker gonna be pointed in us?" I hope I didn't say it out loud, but at that point I didn't really care if the worker was disappointed in us or not because we've spend enough money there that we own at least a portion of that building.
Nothing gets a child's attention like sweeping and mopping the floor. It's like an open invitation to come have a party in the kitchen and spill everything they can.(But her remorseful eyes make up for it.)
We have had several birthday parties in the last few weeks. This was at Knox's party. Elynn had only had a 15 minute nap and it showed. I don't think she smiled the whole time.
Elynn isn't really interested in having her picture made, so this smile is a small miracle.

She loves to get a rag and clean.

In the last few weeks, her hair has grown a lot and it is so wavy! I had extremely curly hair as a child. Her's is not that bad, but it's just wavy enough to make it look like a little hot mess all the time.

She isn't very interesting in giving us kisses, but she will give us a squeeze. If she chooses to give out kisses, it is usually to Reese. They are so precious, and I am beyond thankful that we got girls. (I'm sure I'd say the same if we boys.) My one and only complaint is that it all goes by too quickly. This time next year I will be registering Reese for kindergarten. Insert ugly crying face.