Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wrapping up summertime

 Here is a random list of things I feel the need to share with the class.

1. The absolute only thing that makes going back to school okay is that football season/fall is right around the corner. 

2. It has been a delightful summer- 20 inches of above average rain fall or not. If I wasn't pregnant I would probably have a different attitude about the whole rain-every-single-day thing, but you will never EVER hear a pregnant lady complain about below average temperatures and a few rain showers. The summer I was pregnant with Reese was the hottest of all time, and I had a lot of concerns about it being that hot and Reese forcing me to play outside 16 hours a day this time around. Thanks to Mother Nature, I have survived my second summer of pregnancy. 

3. Nothing delights me more than to tell y'all that my daughter has declared that she wants a Peppa Pig birthday party. Not a princess party. Not Minnie Mouse. Peppa Peg. For those of you unfamiliar allow me...


And really it's nothing against Peppa and her little brother George, it's just that I was hoping we were still a few years away from character parties. This is what I've learned about having a daughter: it ain't all sugar and spice, and princesses. Sometimes it's big trucks, trains, and pigs. 

4. Just when I was all like, "awww she is about to turn 3" she looked at me while we were at the Chick Fil A playground and said, "Ma-ie, you makin' me nervous." Sweet goodness, have mercy on my soul. 

5. She learned how to swim a few weeks ago.  I was so proud (and obviously delusional) that I uploaded the video of her swimming on Facebook and people, I'm in a swimsuit...and very pregnant. My love for her has made me question the person I have become. I would upload it here, but you know our internet situation. 

6. I am in love with this picture. 

7. After vacuuming for 2.5 seconds she declared, "this is a hard day." Yep, all that "hard day" cleaning is needed because of you, little princess. 

8. PeePaw took her to her first cow sale. She loved it. (P.S. Those of you who know him need not worry- my mother was also with them. The last time he babysat alone, she ate some dog food.) 

9. PeePaw brought her home that afternoon and she brought in MeeMaw's lipstick and did this. 

10. Since the whole swimming thing, she never wants to wear her float so that should tell y'all who is making who nervous. I'm more than a little on edge at the pool.

11. There is still no baby name. We are further from picking a name than we ever have been. The ones we were considering have been thrown out for one reason or another. 

And I'll end with this little true story...

12. A few weeks ago we ate at Olive Garden. While waiting for our table I took Reese to the restroom. When I came back and sat down out front to wait, a sweet lady came over and whispered in my ear that my dress was in my underwear. Sigh. I'm still embarrassed. All I could do was laugh. Adam said, "Well you showed your butt tonight. Literally." 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Almost 3

When it comes to having kids I've often heard the saying that the days are long, but the years are short. I'm sure I won't get the full impact of that statement until after she has moved out and has a life of her own, but she will be 3 in a few months and I can hardly believe it. Some days (like Monday night for instance) I can't wait for bedtime because she has worn me out- all the neediness and demands of a 2 year old!! Then it hits me that she is almost 3 and I can't believe that is possible. 

 She ALMOST spent the night at her DD's last night, but by 9:45 she was back home. I can't say that I was sad that she didn't stay. I like for all my people to be under the same roof;)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Baby with no name update and some Reese-isms

It's funny how little time you have on your hands with your second pregnancy. Uncle G is always giving DD a hard time about how there aren't any pictures of him etc. I now know why. The woman was busy with her first born, but more importantly she was tired. I can't even imagine how you people feel who have 2 or more children and then are pregnant again. I really wish I would have relaxed a little more while I was pregnant with her and took a nap EVERY SINGLE DAY!

 It looks like preggo picture updates are going to be a once a trimester event as opposed to the weekly picture I did with Reese. I tried to get her to hold the chalkboard for me, but she said, "no I teach you how to cheese." She stood with her daddy while he took the picture and bossed me around told me how to "say cheeeeeseeee."

There is still no name. One reason is Reese requires 100% of our attention and we rarely get to it discuss names. It is frustrating me because all my valuable monogramming time this summer is slipping away from me, and I haven't made her one cute outfit like I had wanted to. Maybe soon though. 

Moving right along to some of the things Reese is saying. 

Adam and I would like some time alone with whoever made up the game duck duck goose. At least twice a day she wants to know, "want to pway duck duck goose? Want to?" Mine and Adam's eyes practically roll out of our heads when she ask us this because no. No, we do not want to play a ridiculous game of getting onto to the floor then quickly getting up and running. There should be a law that no one over 8 has to play that game. 

Saturday night we were driving down the road and Adam and I were singing in obnoxious voices and Reese kept telling us to "hush down!" 

She loves to "go to the white store and push the little tiny buggy." That means going to the Pig and her filling the little kid buggy all the way up with junk. 

When looking for us she will yell, "where you are?"  

I just got a text on my phone and she said, "Ma-ie you phone just say somepin."

Over the last few weeks I have become "Mom." Mostly she calls me mom when I don't answer her in a timely fashion. In other words, if she has to call for me more than once she turns into a 13 year old and calls "Mooooom" in a really annoying voice. 

If she thinks we say something not nice (like Jolie just said "stink pot") she will say, "gon't say dat word." 

"Want to trace?" means she wants to trade popsicles with you. 

"It's a as-ident" when she spill something and thinks she is in trouble she assures us it was an accident. 

You know who isn't complaining about all the rain this summer? Me. I'm "hurge" (huge) as Reese would say, and the heat is no friend to a pregnant lady. But all the rain has kept us indoors a lot and me frantically searching for things to entertain her. 

This was when I let her play with dry rice inside. I'm still finding rice in all corners of the house. 

She helped clean it up for about 2 seconds then it was left to me. 

She has been helping with yard work. 

She LOVES glue. She stacks it up really high on her paint brushes. 

And this is what is currently happening in my kitchen and it is precisely what makes me love summertime so much.  

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 4th and some random other things

Let me tell y'all just how fun we are: we shot fireworks before it even got dark. Yep, before dark. Reese told me she was "sweepy" while she made a beeline for her bed, so we had to hurry with our fireworks show. She either covered her eyes or her ears the whole time. 


We shot some more then next night...again it was before dark and she already had on her jammies. Since Adam still has to get up and go to work like normal, our schedule hasn't really changed that much this summer. We still go to bed early, but Reese has slept till 9:30 AM on a few occasions. She doesn't take a nap most days, and some nights I have to threaten her to make her go to bed at 9 PM. She has an endless amount of energy. 

 And these are some other randoms that were on my camera.

 This has to be my favorite Reese and Addie picture of all time. I'm sure they will hate me one day for showing this picture, but really? It is so cute. Addie had to potty and her little "mother" (who is a mere 8 months older than her) tried to help her onto the potty before giving up and telling Addie "you too heavy."

Monday, July 8, 2013

Baby #2 furniture

Since she still doesn't have a name (and it's still not looking good that she is going to get one before we leave the hospital with her) I will be reduced to referring to her as "baby #2." Or I could go with Reese's "Peanut" title. Either way, a couple of weekends ago Adam and I went to Birmingham to order her furniture. Of course, the one we picked out was back ordered and won't be here for 10 weeks. I hate that the picture looks so boyish, but these are the pieces we got (except the hutch over the changing table). I love the hutch, but it really wasn't a necessity for me plus we really don't have room for it. 

Speaking of not having room...baby #2 will be residing in our only extra room which is also known as our current play room/ sewing room. So I'm strategically planning ways to make random toys disappear without Reese realizing it. Keep me in your prayers because if she catches on...oh...there will be repercussions.