Monday, November 10, 2014

Some random things...

1. Our house was almost at a dead stand still last week. Our contractors are done and the rest of the work will be subbed out. Today the heat/air guys are starting. Once that is complete, the sheet rock guy will start. That means I have about a month to panic myself over paint colors. 

When the spray foam insulation was put in Reese declared, "There is exhalations everywhere!"

 This is the play room/ my sewing room. Which I haven't had that machine out in so long it probably has rust on the needle, but I've got big plans once all of this is organized.

 2. I took these 2 to their first ever trip to Christmas Village Friday. One of them needed her glasses and the other one needed a walker. It's like I'm the babysitter for the retirement home.
 3. I walked away from Christmas village with this for my dining room...
 And this for over my bath tub...
 They are both a gray color. I immediately had buyers remorse, but then the smoke cleared in my brain and I have never been so excited about lights.

4. Saturday wasn't good for baby sis. She face planted the coffee table. Blood was gushing, and everybody knows I am not who you want with you in a moment of crisis. While Elynn was doing the kind of crying where no sound comes out, Reese was trying to console her by pushing Gerber Puffs in her mouth. I was breathing deep in a paper bag and trying to remember Adam's cell number so I could at least have somebody on the phone to panic with.

A few hours later (just long enough for her lip to stop bleeding) we went up to the new house to check on Adam. Just after this picture was taken, Elynn fell on the platform Reese is standing on, busted her lip open again, and scraped the skin off of her chin. I will not be surprised if my friends at DHR come for a home visit. And won't that be embarrassing? I am in contact with them on a regular basis with my new job, plus the Intake Officer is our pastor's wife. MOTHER OF THE YEAR, y'all.
 5. This girl right here loves to carry around a purse. It is precious and makes me SO happy to have little girls. (Remind me I said that when they are 13 and the drama is causing me to need nerve pills.)

 6. The only thing better than 1 little girl is 2 little girls.
 7. Let me introduce you to Adam's cousins Carlie and Hagan, and their moma Kim (who was our wedding coordinator). They told me at the family reunion a few weeks ago that if I ever thought nobody was reading the blog I could rest assured that they were loyal readers. So here is a shout out to them.

 8. This girl. *Sigh.* 2 weeks ago Adam and Adrianne came over to watch the Auburn/ Ole Miss game. Reese got tired and got in Adam's lap.
Adam:  "Why don't you close your eyes and go to sleep."
Reese: "Cause Adrianne has been here for a long, long time."
Adam got on to her because RUDE! She was embarrassed and fell asleep just like this.

Meanwhile, Elynn harassed, I mean played with Knox. 
 9. Last night Reese wanted us to "pause it back" which means rewind the DVR, but what she really means is forward it through the commercials. Adam and I are always telling her about the "old days" and how we grew up in a time of cartoons only being on TV on Saturday morning and we had to suffer through all the commercials. The commercials were when you either A.) went to the bathroom or B.) decided that whatever toy being advertised HAD to go on your Santa list. Anyway we were watching live TV last night but we couldn't make her understand that we can't forward live TV. So she said, in her most annoyed voice, "If somebody doesn't pause it back I'm gonna...(silence while she thinks of her retaliation...) scratch the window!" I stopped breathing I was laughing so hard. Scratch the window? Oh the horror of it all.