Monday, September 21, 2015


Adam's been in Bulgaria for the last 2 weeks. That's right. Bulargia. As in the OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD, 8 hours ahead of us Bulgaria. I had to get my act together and play single momma, and hats off to those of you who do that regularly.

I have to do a little comparison. This was when Reese was about Elynn's age now. Adam went to St. Louis for a 2 week training.

We dropped Adam off in ATL the Saturday before Labor Day. Who goes to an airport with 2 small kids and no stroller? Us. Amateurs. We had to be innovative. We used Adam's luggage until he boarded the plane. After that I found an airport wheel chair and pushed them in it. 

We got gate passes and were able to go through security and stay with him until he boarded the plane.

There were a couple of days that things got kinda rough. They both cried for an extensive amount of time one night because they missed him. 

He spent most of the 2 weeks at the Kronospan location in Bulgaria, but he also went to Romania for a few days. 

Every meal Reese would say the blessing and end it with "and keep our daddy safe on his trip." So sweet. The time difference made it hard for the girls to talk to him, but he stayed up late most nights to be able to face time with them. 

One night Reese started crying because she missed him and she said, "I feel like my daddy is far far away. Like not in Atlanta anymore." Oh baby. You are so right. Daddy ain't in Atlanta anymore. 

But it was a happy happy day when we picked him up. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Mini Vacay

 First, let me tell you about turning 30. It's very glamorous. It's also very flattering and a big ego booster because your daughter believes with all of her little precious heart that you need a foot sander. But mostly importantly, she thinks she needs to be the one to operate it.

  Y'all. By the time Labor Day rolls around, I am in NEED of a getaway.So this year we got away to the Opelika Marriott. We've been to Ross Bridge, and the building there is gorg, but the pool at Opelika is much better! The girls had a blast. Elynn went down the tunnel slide twice and cried both times.
 She much prefers sitting by the pool being cute.
 I took backup on the trip. Jolie is my A #1 helper. Except....she let Reese get loose one time. The security guy took care of her down by the pool when she arrived alone. Reese thought I had gone to the pool with her. (because y'all know I am bad about abandoning her) When she got to the pool and I wasn't there, she panicked. The security guy saw it all go down, and he stayed with her until we got there.
This one had it just like she likes it. Observing her sister. Nobody bothering her. She's gotten far too good at defending herself. Pinching, slapping, biting. On a regular basis.

They played Shrek out by the pool one night. The girls loved that.
And they slept all the way home.
My motherhood hit an all time low when we got home and all I could force myself to prepare for dinner was bananas and milk.

P.S. Last night when we were at church it started flooding. After I got the girls in the car, Reese declared, "Momma do you know how much I looovveee being at home when it's raining?" I just closed my eyes and took a deep breath. If you only knew how many times I've said that to her daddy. I love to be home when it's wet and messy outside, but Lord have mercy. Hearing myself come straight out of her mouth....shocks me every time. 

But let me tell you what shocks me even more. Elynn scratched Reese across the face (self-defense) a few weeks ago. Reese was hysterically crying. I asked her what was wrong and I was told by my precious little 4 year old princess "Damn that hurt." What????!!!!! So I asked 2 more times just to be sure. Yep. She said it. And what's worse is that she used it correctly. It took us a few weeks, but she had been watching the new Annie while we were in the car. I clearly should preview these movies before she watches them, because I'm pretty sure that's where she got it. Not from her momma. No way. If I use that word it is done silently, in my head, while I try to slow my heart rate with deep breaths and convince myself that whatever just happened isn't worthy of such profanities. ;)