Friday, September 26, 2014

Reese's 4th Birthday

I can't even believe the title of this post. 4 years? How's that possible? If the next 14 years go as quickly as the last four, she will be entering college like...tomorrow. (And that's where I had to stop typing and gather myself because I was doing the ugly cry.)

Her birthday was on Saturday, but because she wanted a party at Giggle Time we had to wait until Sunday for a private party. 
If there is one thing this girl loves it is the movie Frozen and Ana and Elsa. So we started partying on Friday at daycare with cupcakes, cheese puffs, and CapriSuns as per her request. Her BFF Addie went home with us after the party to meet up with Adam and take them to the movies to see Dolphin Tale 2. The weekend before Reese watched Dolphin Tale and loved it, so we thought they would enjoy the second one.

On the way to the moive-
Reese: I want a house like Addie's.(She is clearly being exposed to a lot of house talk these days.)
Me: Well we are getting a new house. They just have to finish building it first. 
Addie: Just tell your daddy. He will buy you one. 

Adam rolled his eyes no less than 22 times during the showing of what he claims is THE cheesiest movie of ALL time. Earlier last week I told Reese we could go eat whatever she wanted after the movie: "I want to eat at SAMs. Pizza and an icee. Deeeellliiccious!" So after the movie we went to SAMs where we got 4 large pieces of pizza, 2 icees, and 2 drinks for $10.90. 

Saturday morning was officially the day! She had to wait in her room while her loser mother wrapped her presents. (I have no excuse. I fell asleep in her bed Friday night before I had a chance to wrap them.) She had requested roller skates, a Snackee, and she saw an Elsa dress (that sings the forsaken song Let It Go) at Target and her daddy wasn't going to rest until she got that dress.  

This my friends is marking at its finest. She has seen the famous Snackeez on the cartoon channel for months and every time would say, "I wish I had a snackees. You put your dwink in fuwst, then your snack."
We celebrated all day while she worn that gown.
The one down side to a Giggle Time party is that the decorations that they have up aren't exactly what you might call cute. And there are lots of rules that limit what you can do as far as decorating is concerned. I wanted a cute place to make pictures so I spent a ridiculous amount of time finding the perfect card board box to make a photo booth out of.
And I proceeded to hang my birthday banner in the only place I was allowed to- the table.
Reese had seen an Elsa cake on YouTube while she was watching the clip of Let It Go, and that was when her dream of an Elsa cake was born.

When we started seeing Ana and Elsa characters making appearances at birthday parties, her daddy planted the if-you-want-to-be-mother-of-the-year-you-have-to-have-them-at-the-party seed in my head. This face when they walked in the door made all the days of searching for an affordable Ana and Elsa all worth it. 

Adam, Adrianne, and Knox came over after the party so that Elynn could harass Knox. She loves to slap him in the head and pulls his hair.

At 4 years old Reese:
Wears size 8 shoes, and 4T clothes. 
Goes to bed between 8 and 9 and I get her up at 6:15 during the week. If left alone, she will sleep until 8. 

She loves her baby sister, her bunny and tiger that she sleeps with, and wearing dresses and her Frozen tennis shoes. She comes straight home from Liz's every day and puts on her PJs. She changes clothes at least 4 times before bed. I read an article about how society calls boys who know what they want and get what they want leaders, but girls with those characteristics are called bossy, so we jokingly say she has good "leadership" characteristics. She is the most persistent child in the history of EVER!  She will make a good sales rep one day. She says she wants to "wurk at Litabis's" (Mrs. Elizabeth's) when she grows up.

She says so many funny things but I can't think of them all at this exact moment. Here's what I can come up with: interuckting (interrupting), murgency (emergency) fuwst (first), homewuck (homework which she pretends to have), and peeno (piano). I asked her how much I love her and she said "a lot a bunch." 
I have possible already blogged about this, but this summer we were at Publix and they came over the intercom. She said "why they talkin'? Did somebody lose their momma? That's so sad." 
When we were shopping one day I told her not to get out of my sight because somebody might get her and I would never see her again. She said "I would never run away from my momma. I love her sooo much." 
 Her favorite songs are Let it Go, and God's Not Dead.

The past 4 years have been so much fun, and I tell Adam all the time how sad I am going to be when they grow up. I am exhausted and my house is a wreck, but these girls keep us laughing all the time. 

Happy Birthday Reese E Cup! We ADORE you!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Forever House

When I was a wee little lad, I told my momma and daddy that I was going to build a house on this hill one day. Of course, back then I said it was going to be a 7 story house with all my pets on the top floor. Clearly, I was out of touch with reality. I also agreed to pay my daddy somewhere around $40 an hour to build it. At this point, I wish I would have made him sign a contract on that price because $40 an hour is sounding cheap.

 They started digging the foundation Thursday, September 4th. By Tuesday of the next week the foundation was done and the flooring system started going down. It is distant, but here we are. Our first family picture at the Forever House. (And I say that because in the last almost 7 years of marriage, this is mine and Adam's 4th and final house project.The first house project we sold before we ever got married. Then we lived in the next 2 projects, but this is the last one. Adam enjoys this sort of thing, but me? Not so much. But the good thing about this not being our first rodeo is that we know what we like and we know what we want. Nobody will be waiting on us to make a decision, that is for sure.)

By the end of last week the walls were up. We had to make a few changes in the door set up in the girls' rooms and the window spacing in our room, but otherwise it has all gone as planned. 

 We have only had one minor argument at this point. I will just tell y'all that I married a good, good man. He is big enough to admit when I am right. Which I was, but I wouldn't dare say it to his face. I thought somebody needed to be there the day they started the foundation just to be sure that this Forever House was angled the correct way. Adam thought that was totally ridiculous. Just so you know, it all almost went south when Adam called me to say, "I hate to even tell you this, but they almost put the garage in wrong place." You can't even imagine how far back in my head my eyes rolled. See? Somebody needed to be there. Luckily, that all got handled and the garage is exactly where it needs to be. Which makes the whole thing about me being right irrelevant.

Adam predicts we will be in the Forever House in the Spring. If we get in it before school starts next year I will be surprised. 

Elynn: 10 months

 Elynn was 10 months August 29th and here I am 2 weeks later. Y'all, I don't know if it is having a second baby, my new job, or the fact we are in the middle of building a house, but for some reason I cannot get it together. Anyway, let's pretend it is August 29th.

At 10 months:

 Weight: 16 lbs. 11 oz (25th percentile on weight)
Height: 28 inches
Wears 9-12 month clothes
Size 3 diapers
She has 2 bottom teeth and 2 top teeth.
She loves to eat! She loves all orange colored baby foods. She also loves all types of bread: cinnamon rolls, crescent rolls, biscuits. Ms. Liz says the only thing she has found that she doesn't like is broccoli.
Words she can say: Mama, Dada, Uh oh, and she tries to moo like the cows and bark like the dogs but it all sounds like "oooooooo".
She can pull up on things and stand in the middle of the floor.
We lay her down in her room around 8:00, but by 1:00 she is in our bed. On the weekends she will sleep until almost 7:00 AM.

She loves to ride in the red wagon while Reese pulls her. Some times when Elynn tries to play with the dolls Reese has in the wagon with her Reese will say, "No, Elynn Woberson. Leave my babies alone."

Reese got in trouble Saturday and had to go sit in her room because she wouldn't stop crying. Elynn crawled to the door, pushed it open, and went in. Adam and I ran to peek in and see what would happen. And y'all. My heart melted. Reese pulled Elynn up on her little chair with her while Reese continued to cry. She had her arm around Elynn the whole time. It was so funny and sweet.The only thing sweeter than one little girl is two little girls. Reese will say, "give your big sissy some love!" 

I cannot get over how fast it all goes with the second baby. I can't believe she is about to be a year old!