Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day and Birthday

Just after I posted about 4 being perfect, we had 3 straight afternoons of this right here. It was pleasant.
But it can go from that to this in a matter of moments. 

That's right. Back bends on the coffee table.

Elynn took a little time out of her busy afternoon to prop up andrelax.
PeePaw (known simply as Paw to Elynn) taught Reese how to drive the Kabota. Elynn can't believe the adults in her life are letting a 4 year old escort her around. 

Wednesday afternoon Elynn ran a fever, and it came back again once during the night, so Thursday morning we were at Dr. C's office at 8:00. She also had a nasty cough. I wanted to go ahead and get her looked at in hopes of avoiding a weekend trip to the doctor. We didn't get to see him until 10:30, but she got a shot that she wasn't real happy about. Her little bottom lip started quivering the minute he walked in the door. She weighed around 22 lbs if memory serves me.  
We went to Clay's scrimmage game where she enjoyed popcorn and a pickle.
And there he is. Y'all. He's a head taller than me and he's only 14. So hard to believe that I was changing his diapers just YESTERDAY! He's cute as he can be, but best of all he has the sweetest heart. I repeatedly tell my sister that I don't know how in the rip she got so lucky. Reese would love nothing more than for him to be her big brother.
The girls cheered him on when they weren't busy giggling.
We kicked Mother's Day weekend off by painting the rails on what will soon be the screened in porch. We had A LOT of help.
Reese randomly asked all day "is it time to go to Addie's party?" I assured her that we would not miss the party. There was slip and slide that will be talked about for years to come. And there are scars that may possibly be on her rear end for years to come.
Elynn and Jaylie shared a cupcake.
Because we are mature and sophisticated, we shamelessly took a few turns ourselves. There were a couple of times that children could be heard from the top crying for their mommas, but we pretended we couldn't hear them. ;)

Elynn harassed her baby, as she calls him.
We went home, took baths and went to eat "Mehcan" as Reese says.
Elynn immediately passed out.
Mother's Day started with them cooking me breakfast in bed. Well I use the term "cooking" loosely. I got coffee and a bowl of fruit.It was so sweet and Reese loved being my waitress.
The expected struggle happened while I tried to get a good picture with my littles.

We went to church with D.D. and had lunch at my moms.

Reese wanted to go to her D.D. and Big Daddy's but I honestly didn't have it in me to load up and go anywhere. Reese called and used her sweetest voice to ask Big Daddy to please bring her a watermelon.
Monday was Adam's 32nd birthday. Really? Monday? Who wants to celebrate their birthday on Monday???? We went to D.D. and Big Daddy's for supper and this cake that Elynn so graciously helped with. ;)