Monday, May 30, 2011

Beach Extravaganza 2011

In case I didn't mention it we've been at the beach. Actually we were at the beach last weekend. We've been back since Monday afternoon, but I've been so busy loving my baby I haven't had time to post anything. Oh, and I've been busy being beat up by reality. Things like empty refrigerator shelves and piles of laundry have been slapping me in the face since we walked back in the door. So anyway back to the beach trip. It wasn't just any beach trip it was our girls first beach trip. The trip down was a challenge. I feel confident saying that LaRae and I were exhausted upon arrival from all the leaning over the seats to wipe noses, sing songs, and feed bottles. Anyway we made it with only 1 stop which is just the way A-master prefers it.

This was the first time her toes touched the water.

Clearly she is nothing like her momma because if there is 1 thing I hate it is for sand to touch me anywhere but my feet. Call me high maintenance if you want. A-master would probably agree:) I will go to great lengths to keep the sand off of me from the ankles up.

(Don't judge my appearance please.)

I love to see all these boys with their little girls. All of our friends are having or have had girls. There is nothing sweeter than and daddy and his girl:)

Long gone are the days of sitting under an umbrella reading a good book at the beach. It was up and down, back and forth to the room. It if hadn't been 112 degrees I would say it was a good workout. But under that kind of heat it was more like grounds for a heat stroke. Anyway, luckily we stayed at this place and didn't have to be bothered with elevators and other people. It was just the 17 of us occupying the area and it was perfect.

Reese and Anna Kate with their matching swimsuits.

And who wouldn't want to kick back with a cold bottle on a hot day at the beach?

Our first family beach photo.


Reese, Anna Kate, and Sarah

She had a head first crash into the sand and it didn't make her happy.

The best part about going to the beach with people who don't have children is that there is always somebody that wants to hold your baby. Here's Kathryn. She's one of those people.

Over the last 5 years I have become a lover of the SPF. It's all an attempt to make up for an ill spent youth of trying to achieve the perfect tan. I now insisit on hosing ourselves down with sunscreen because somewhere around 2005 I started to believe all the hype about skin cancer. But I did get a spray tan before the beach because the fact is tan fat looks better than white fat. Reese was embarrased at the SPF I put on her head, but I thought it was cute.

Adam has made fun of my hat to the point I thought about throwing it away. Then Adam Harris told me I looked like a grandmother, but Reese loves the hat so I ignored all their comments. (Really I think they were jealous, but I can't prove it.)

She loved the swimming pool!

She also brought along her bikini. It takes a confident lady to let it all hang out like she did. :)

Most of the trip she let her hair fly in the wind with nothing but a diaper.

I love the next picture. The thing about these peeps that makes me laugh is that they can sit and discuss the Auburn Fire Department in such detail and for so long that you would think they were talking about something of high importance like clothes or makeup. I assure you some assortment of FD material was being talked about before and after this picture was made.

OR.....they could have been discussing the young whipersnappers that set up shop right next to us on the beach. It was a crowd of youngsters that reminded us a lot of what we used to be before marriage and babies. Footloose and fancy free.

Although he probably wouldn't admit it I would say this was A-masters favorite part of the trip.


Here are 2 more of those who are always willing to watch your babe for you.

I had a lot of anxiety about this trip. I didn't know how Reese would act in the car for that long, or out on the beach, or if she would sleep in her pack-n-play....the list of concerns went on and on. But it all turned out fine. She did really good and had plenty of entertainment with Anna Kate and Sarah. Adam went in and took a nap with her everyday which allowed me at least 20 minutes of sunshine without drool running down my arm.

Since we've been back she has been a mommas girl!! If I walk to the kitchen she breaks out in a cry. I am hoping it is just that she isn't feeling good....maybe because of a tooth??? We'll see.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Long, long post that you probably won't even bother to read (and I don't blame you)...

On Saturday we helped work a booth that our church had at the Music and Arts Festival after we participated in the walk/run for Autism that morning. Before we left home Adam was looking for his ipod and the band to secure it on his arm. Bless his heart he thought it was a 5K. It was a 1 mile fun run, but I couldn't bring myself to tell him. I would be willing to bet my jogging stroller that he was listening to something of the Snoop Dogg variety while he brought home the 2nd place trophy. (Brother Ross, I am just kidding. $PimpinAin'tEasy$ would NEVER listen to that trash. NEVER.) Reese and I didn't have Snoop Dogg to motivate us so we were forced to walk the mile. It's like pregnancy caused me to have the stamina of a 90 year old. And not the ones that do aerobics at the assisted living. What I'm trying to say is I ain't what I used to be. Neither is Adam. He stretched for an extended period of time and then after it was all over claimed that if he was 10 years younger he would have won.

When we got home we went old school and gave her a bath in the sink. She loved it.

After 2 months of lock down in the dog penitentiary we allowed the pups to come back home. I love them, but I haven't really missed them. I like it when they were securely locked away in a fence without the opportunity to chew up my valuables. They hadn't been home 24 hours when Dixie got stuck under the porch.

This picture leads me to my next point of interest. See the cleats? Yep, church league softball. A-master has signed up to play because he loves and adores playing. I signed up to play because he FORCED me to. Don't worry, I am only a fill in. And I want to apologize to the team in advance for dodging any ball that comes my way. It's a natural reflex.

And now lets discuss our girl. Back in the day I had an immune system that caused hubby to be jealous. I laughed in the face of germy little teenagers at school. Then Reese came along and went to daycare with all of its pacifier trading and endless hugs for the babies and things in our family haven't been the same since. She started having a stuffy nose last week and then on Monday night it took a turn for the worst and she woke up with a terrible hacking cough. Adam took her to the doctor yesterday and we found out she has a "very small"ear infection in one ear and her throat is inflamed. She got an antibiotic and steroid shot. We, along with 14 of our besties, are headed out for the beach this weekend so I desperately need her to feel better by then. (Side note to any would be intruders: My peeps (C'burg slang for family) will still be at home because they are all busy little worker bees so don't try any funny stuff. PeePaw will know if one piece of gravel has been overturned in our driveway.)

I have to say that the wind completely left my sail when Adam said she had an ear infection. Although I am so thankfully that in 8 months this has been our one and only sickness I feel like since I go to the trouble of breastfeeding her she should NEVER be sick! Defeat has reared its ugly head. She has been so sweet even though she hasn't felt good.

Let me wrap up this ridiculously long post by saying that this time of the year always makes me a little sad. Kids that I have taught come by my room to say their goodbyes and some most of them I am actually fond of and am going to miss. Like this one. My little friend Rebecca. I don't know who is going to go pick up lunch for me next year when C'burg and myself are a thing of the past for her.

(GOOD GRACIOUS I look terrible. Did I even look in the mirror before I left this morning??)