Saturday, August 30, 2014

Elynn: 9 months

I am a month behind again, but if we are friends on Instagram you saw that we have been moving out of our house over the past 3 weeks, so there is my lame excuse.

At her 9 month check up last week she was 16 lbs and 28 inches long. Dr. C. said she would be tall and thin.
Wears size 3 diapers and 6-9 month clothes.
She started crawling this month and has been on the move since then.
She is going to be a lefty like her momma and Aunt Heather.
Her top 2 teeth have almost cut through (as of her 9 month birthday, not as of this post.)

Her 9th month was EXTREMELY fussy! Crying and whining all the time. Since she started crawling she has gotten a lot better about the fussing. 

She HATES to ride! I can't wait until she can turn around. I loathe going anywhere right now.

She still gets up to nurse during the night. Since she is only in the 25 percentile in weight I asked Dr. C if she still needed to nurse at night, and he said "no, mommy. She is just using you as a pacifier." When he said that she started shaking her head no! She sleeps in her bed from about 8 until midnight. She is then in our bed the rest of the night.
Reese LOVES her baby sis! I would have never dreamed that she would have adjusted so easily, but she has. Even now that Elynn tries to take her toys, Reese gladly gives them to her.