Wednesday, December 17, 2014

House update

Well it's over half way complete, and Adam and I are still happily married. I just wanted to report that good news to ya. Really though, we (mostly Adam) enjoy this sort of thing. It makes me sad for people who are so miserable when building a house. It's just a house. Yes, it's the biggest investment of our lives, but still? It's fun. It's exciting. It will be over soon. (I can partly say all that because Jesus smiled on me when he allowed Adam and I to get together. We see eye to eye on a lot of stuff including, but not limited to, paint color and flooring. Which is really good considering I'm partnered up to him FOR LIFE.) 

The outside is almost done. The top won't stay yellow. It was getting dark, so these possibly aren't the best pictures.

Adam and Uncle G worked till 11:00 last night finishing the fire place and getting the mantle in place so the rock guys can start laying rock on it. It goes without saying that Uncle G has got a real nice Christmas gift coming his way for all the dedication he is showing to our house. 

So let me tell you about the guy who is finishing our sheet rock. He and his wife pulled their little camper right on up to the house, hooked her up, and have been living here for a week. Part of me understands this line of thinking- saving gas and all that. Then part of concerned because there is not a real bathing area in said camper. And I will leave it at that.

Christmas pictures

Lets reminisce, please. I made this picture of Reese when she was a little over a year old, and it is one of my favorites. 

I got a little sad when it hit me that I couldn't make Elynn's in the same place. I mean, I guess I could but I doubt our renters would appreciate me barging in requesting to make a picture of my practically naked baby in the floor.

These will forever sit out during the holidays so I can stare at them and cry about how quickly they grow up. 

And just because her face makes me want to squeeze her...

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Polar Express

Friday night we had tickets to board the Polar Express at 5:00 for our trip to the North Pole. Santa sent new pajamas Friday morning. It was a dream come true for Reese. She would live in her pajamas if we would let her. (And here is Exhibit B concerning Reese and the faces she makes in pictures right now. )

In case you haven't been introduced, allow me- here is Bunny, Tiger, and Puppy. They travel with us everywhere we go. Bunny has been with us for over 2 years now, and Tiger has been with us a while, but Puppy joined in a few months ago. I am TERRIFIED that we are going to leave one of them somewhere. Adam had to drive to Delta at 9:00 one night to get Bunny after Reese left her at Aunt Heather's. Before we got to the Polar Express she asked, "Can my babies go wif us?" Adam told her she could take one. She replied, "Awww. But the others will miss everything." And what kind of parents would we be to deny her and her babies the experience of the Polar Express? So here they are...

We splurged and bought the package that included a visit with Santa, hot chocolate, a snack, and a "premium gift". Elynn was not so sure about the big man. She kept a close eye on him. Reese told him, "I want a washing machine, a car wif a wurkin' wadio, and cwazy sand." He said, "A washing machine? That's a unique request." Poor Santa. He probably thought we needed a real washing machine. It's actually a little pretend one, and it is C-U-T-E!

It lasted a little over an hour. The girls had a really good time, but Elynn gets a little cranky when it gets close to bedtime. 

While I'm thinking about it here are a few Reese-isms that I want to document:

Reese was in the floor playing and Elynn reached up and jerked Reese's hair. When she pulled her hair Reese said to me, "you're not babbyyysitttting!" As though Elynn only pulls hair when I'm not being a good babysitter. 

Elynn started crying one night while I was laying down with Reese. Reese had just fallen asleep so she was a little groggy. She said, "her's is cwyin' cause her's is cutting a cooth." 

Reese requested Cinnamon Toast Crunch to eat "I want Crunch ups."

Reese told her daddy, "We got you a Cwistmas pwesent. It's black, but it's not a gun. It goes on your feet."  After I TOLD her in my most threatening voice, "DO NOT TELL YOUR DADDY." Apparently I'm not as scary as I thought I was. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

This is a year of change for my family. At the beginning of the year, my Nanny moved from the house she has lived in my whole life to an apartment closer to town. Due to a lack of space at her new place, we gathered at my Auntie Kay's house (which sounds very similar to our friend Anna Kate and causes a lot of confusion with Reese). 

This was a few weeks ago, but look at that face.  

Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday. It's not about gifts or any of that. It's just about getting together with those you love the most....and eating dressing. Really, it's all about the dressing.

It's also about my girls having on cute, matching outfits and the joy that abounds when I try to get a decent picture of them together. It is always very pleasant.

 Reese. God love her. She is going through this stage of making the strangest faces when I tell her to smile. It pains me. Let me tell you what else pains me. My sister. I ask her to take our picture. So we are smiling and telling the girls to "look at Aunt Heather"...I check the phone and instead of making pictures that woman had recorded 3 videos of us smiling like dummies. (She about ruined the moment when we unveiled the pink balloons at Elynn's gender reveal by causing every picture to be blurry. I told her then that she was fired, but that had slipped my mind last week.) I should have known when I asked her to take the picture and she replied with, "but I ain't got my glasses on" that I needed to round up another photographer.  
 The kid table that is quickly turning into the teenager table. Sniff, sniff.

While I was busy teaching the kids a few things about yard ball, Reese was sitting on the sideline being a little mommy. 

 There were no injuries reported during the game, but my legs are still a little sore. Some of the kids resorted to violence in order to stop touchdown passes.
 Exhibit A concerning the faces Reese makes. I have somewhere around 13 others similar to this on my phone.
Sniff. Sniff. I could almost swear that it was just yesterday that I was changing the diapers of these 2 big kids. I will never forget the time I was keeping them both when Clay was a little over 3 and Jolie was a few months old. While I was trying to buckle Jolie into her bounce seat, Clay pulled a plastic bowl of pineapples (which originally came in a can- cause I was Suzy homemaker like that) off of a shelf in the refrigerator onto his face and in his eyes. That was my very first experience with child-like pandemonium. He FREAKED out when the pineapple juice got in his eyes. Which, of course, that was prior to the time that, while under my supervision, he drove his 4-wheeler through the barbed wire fence. I shiver at the thought of what could have happened that day. We rushed him to the emergency room, and a few years later he had to have some reconstructive surgery to make the scars smaller, but that doesn't make me feel guilty. Not at all. They taught me a lot about little people, and I love them like they are mine. (If their mother had had any sense in her head, she would have refused to let them stay with me.)

 This girl ate her weight in cucumbers! (But she gags when I give her mashed potatoes. I don't even pretend to understand.)
 Reese is loving her to death in this picture. This is the norm, and I'm worried about how mean Elynn is going to be because of all of it.
We left Auntie Kay's and went for round 2 at Adam's Granny's house where Reese found her other favorite people waiting to play.