Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A day in the park

Sunday after church we met up with Uncle G, D.D., and Big Daddy for lunch, but because we have an earlier service than they do (and because Big Daddy reportedly stood around and talked after their services) we had some time to spare. Since Reese ALWAYS wants to be "out-side" we took her for her first trip to the park. (Technically this wasn't her first trip. When she was about 2 weeks old I was convinced I would never lose the baby weight so I loaded her up and we went for a walk at the park. Seriously? Two weeks old. Also known as the point in time when I was wasn't emotional, horomonal, or irrational. AT. ALL.)

She had the best time, and so did her mother. I climbed on the monkey bars, went down the slide, rode on the little chicken swing right next to her on the rabbit swing. All in my Sunday clothes.


Do y'all know what the A-master had the nerve to say to me yesterday? He said, "she is so precious I want 3 more just like her." GASP. Just typing it makes my palms break out into a cold sweat. Don't get me wrong. She is great and all, but it was a lot of work to carry her for 9 long, hot, hot, hot, hot months. Plus she is expensive, and I feel sure that part isn't going to get any better. And did I mention how hot it was when I was preggo? June, July, August, September. IN. THE. SOUTH. Peeps, it was so hot. And I was so miserable. That part I remember clearly. Somebody say a prayer for him because as  long as I'm his wife we will not be having 3 more just like her.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

17 Months (3 days late)

At 17 months Weight: 21 lbs

Wears mostly 12 month clothes, size 3 diapers, and has just gotten into a size 3 shoe. She has tiny little feet!

She has 2 teeth on the bottom and 2 on the top. Since I am late about posting this I guess it should wait until next months post, but last night I found 2 shiney new molar teeth on the top. Off and on lately she has been whiney and I think this explains why. She is also working on 2 more teeth near the front.

She loves milk. I feel quiet sure that she would live on milk alone if we didn't make her eat. She also likes Puffs in all flavors. She sometimes likes raisins, carrots, potatoes, mac and cheese, peas, and sweet potatoes from time to time. However, a couple of times recently she has gone to the cabinet her food is in and brought me baby food that is in there that she wants to eat. Maybe her appetite is getting better.

She is SO busy! All. the. time. While I am cleaning up one mess she is making another one.

She usually goes to sleep between 7:00 and 8:00 and gets up around 7 on the weekends. The last couple of weekends she has taken 2 hour naps on Sunday.
She still loves to carry around a bath rag. Sometimes she will cover her babies up with it like it's a blanket. Sometimes she puts it over her face and walks around until she runs into something.

She has a TEMPER! I can see a lot of problems in our future concerning her attitude. She loves to stand on my chair in the living room and the couch. When we tell her to sit down she just laughs. If we go toward her she sits really quick, but then stands up as soon as we turn around.

Yesterday afternoon she stood at the door for a solid 5 minutes crying while intermittently saying "mama" and "out-side" (which is 2 words according to her vocabulary). It got to be more than I could stand so outside we went. Mostly she wants to just run around. (And away from me.) We stayed outside until it was so dark I was having a hard time seeing her when she went in her playhouse. I am now strategizing a plan for setting up a tent in the yard with some type of fencing to pen her in this summer. Oh, and a lounge chair for her momma because I ain't what I used to be. "Out-side" wears me out. (P.S. If you happen to be the neighbor that drove by and saw me in my pajama pants please accept my sincere apology. I tried to hide behind that tree so you wouldn't judge me, but you were driving so fast I didn't make it.)

She drives this little walker like she stole it;)

She is a big help with the garbage.

She found this in her closet and wanted it on. And then 2.5 seconds later she wanted it off.

Uncle G gave her this "boon" for Valentines day and she is still playing with it.
I have always read to her, but only recently has she gotten interested enough to go get a book and bring it to us to read. I really want her to love the books!

This weekend she helped her Daddy build a place for her swing.

She LOVES makeup. Did I mention she LOVES it? She has to put on her makeup everytime she sees me putting on mine.
She is constantly going to our closet and digging around or standing on the step ladder that's in there. Sunday she found this tank top and wanted Adam to put it on her.

She always wants to look outside at Dixie and Autie. Anytime we ask her where Dixie is she will push this box in front of the door and stand on it to see them. She really loves those dogs, but they don't see to be all that crazy about her. Actually she loves all animals. When we go over to MeeMaw and PeePaws she starts saying "moo" because she knows she will see the cows going up the driveway.  

Helping her Daddy outside gets a girls hands dirty! She never turns down an opportunity to wash her hands.

Blessing her food. She whispers and looks around during every prayer.

This past Sunday was the first sermon that I have gotten to hear at church in at least 2 months. The Sunday's that I have Children's Church or nursery duty she goes with me and plays. The other Sunday's when I take her to the nursery she will cry hysterically when I try to leave. The last time that I left her the nursery workers came and got me during the service because "you have a VERY unhappy baby." We also tried to let Adam take her and leave her. He never came back from the nursery that Sunday so I knew she wouldn't let him leave. But this past Sunday we did what all good Southern Baptist do and hurried from Sunday School to get the back pew. This was all in an effort so she could stay in the service with us and not interrupt people behind us. It worked beautifully. She looked at pictures on our phones, played with the pencil and paper I had brought for her, and ate her puffs. So what I want to know is how some of you keep your kids quiet in church? Or are yours more cooperative and go to the nursery? I know some of you are thinking that I need to just leave her back there and let her cry but I can't do it. I already leave her everyday to go to work. Is there some awesome phone app that would keep her quiet? I know our current tactics won't work forever.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Daddy is her Valentine

Adam decided Friday night that he was taking me on a hot date Saturday. We already had dinner plans with some of our friends so he asked if I wanted to go to the movies before dinner. (Thinking back on it that could be the first time he has EVER asked me to go on a date. I really should have made him work harder to sweep me off my feet when we first met.) We had not been to the movies since 2010 in which I was preggo and we watched The Backup Plan and it made me quesiton the whole having a baby thing. A lot has changed at the movie theatre. Did you know that an employee comes into the theatre and gives you a dirty little speech about your cell phone? If you so much as look at the time you will be asked to leave without a refund. My stomach got nervous at the thought of not being able to sporadically check my phone to be sure Reese didn't need me. (Not that she knows how to call my number, but a mother can never be too precautious.) We, along with the rest of the free world, went to see The Vow at 1:35 on Saturday afternoon. Nothing says your married with a baby like going to an afternoon matinee. Personally, I was a little disappointed by the movie, but then again will there ever be a chick flick that beats The Notebook? I think not.

We went into a few stores at the mall and I was surprised to see all the white wash jeans and neon shirts. So we're going back to the 80's this season? Because if so I am going to need to call my sister and get her to come teach me how to tight roll my jeans and tease my bangs.

After dinner we rode home while listening to the.....drum roll please.....radio. That never happens when Reese is in the car because we are either talking to her or over her at all times. Adam made me get the ipod out and find some music from back in our college days. We lived on the edge and even listened to some rap music. From looking at him you might not know this, but Adam knows all the words to Apple Bottom Jeans (is that the name of the song?). And if he happen to forget a word or two I assure you he made some up. Very disturbing.

Here's our little Valentine this morning before daycare. The camera flash causes her to make crazy faces:)


She helped make these last night to give to her friends today. And by helped I mean she put 2 of the gummies in her mouth at one time.
Wouldn't it have been cute if I had made baggies like those???!!?? But I didn't.

My 2 Valentines gave me a gift card for a massage and a facial and I am making big plans for myself to cash in in the near future;)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hair's the deal

Oh, y'all. She is growing up. And it's all happening too fast which makes my head spin everytime I look at her and she says some new word like "outside" or "shoe." Or like last week when she pulled an entire cup of Adam's red cranberry apple Crystal Light off of the table causing it splattered everywhere (including all over my tennis shoes) and she backed up against the wall and stood really still and gave me the sad eyes because somehow she knew she had done something wrong. How did she know that? (Which, really, it should have been her daddy that stood really still against the wall waiting for my wrath to unleash because he knows better than to leave anything within her reach.) Then after we wiped the floors and walls down she went to the bathroom and got her bath cloth and started cleaning the walls. I do feel that I am raising her right in the cleaning department. The girl will get a wet wipe and clean everything. One day her husband will thank me.

So anyway on the point of this post.

Reese loves hair. Almost as much as her paci. Almost. I know without a doubt that this is part of her genetic makeup. Adam loves hair. Not in the cosmetologist kind of way, but in the twirling it through his fingers kind of way. It doesn't matter who you are if you stand close enough to him he will twirl your hair. D.D. says he has been this way since birth. And so has his daughter. I don't remember a time that she didn't put her hands in my hair to go to sleep. If she is sleepy and we put her in her carseat she immediately goes for her hair. And the hair along with her paci will put her right to sleep.

Elizabeth made this picture at our reception and it is the only real proof I have of Adam's hair twirling addiction.
Well in case you didn't know MeeMaw used to cut hair. And when I say "used to" I mean back in the shag days. (I actually thought it was in the bee hive days but she quickly corrected me and said that my Nanny wore a bee hive and bee hives were well before her day.) Currently her only customers are PeePaw and the grandbabies when they need their first hair cut. So last weekend we headed over to their house because words cannot describe Reese's hair in the back. It has a level of volume to it that I can only wish for.

I knew without a doubt she would have a meltdown when we made her sit still. I was wrong. She got an ice cream and enjoyed every minute of it. She even smiled for the camera.

We made sure to thoroughly document the moment, can you tell?

This weekend we went to Ollie's to see all the girls. 5 girls. No boys.

Reese was so tired and Krystal was sitting in the floor which made her the perfect candidate to have her hair played with.

Have y'all seen these bath tub crayons? They are Reese's favorite right now. Yesterday afternoon we came home and she went right to the tub wanting to get in and play with them. Thankfully they easily wipe off the tub, skin, and clothing. Oh, how I wish I had invented these.

Clearly, she isn't going to be a lefty like her momma. Maybe Adam will be able to teach her right handed things;)