Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Reese's 5th Birthday (a month late)

When Reese turned 4, she wanted to take Addie to the movies to see Dolphin Tale 2. From then on, Reese said she wanted a Dolphin Tale birthday party when she turned 5. Do you know how hard it is to find Dolphin Tale decor? Impossible. It was more like under the sea decor. 

Saturday, her last day as a 4 year old, was a rough day. Reese and Elynn both acted TERRIBLE all day long. (Also first thing Saturday morning she came and asked me "is today my birthday?" I love the innocents of her needed us to tell her which day is her birthday.) At bedtime Adam pretended to call the people who were bringing her water slide and told them to cancel. He said he deserved an Emmy for his superb acting. Apparently he was right. Sunday morning I told Reese to go tell daddy that the water slide would be at our house around 8:30. She came to the kitchen where I was and  with the saddest face told me, "No, momma. Daddy cancelled my water slide. They aren't bringing it." Broke my heart. Adam talked to her and told her that he called them back and told them that she was going to do better, and to go ahead and deliver the slide. 

When she got up that morning she said, "I don't feel 5. I still feel like I'm 4." 

She asked for a jewelry box this year, not a toy. I think that's a sign of the times. She's not a baby anymore. She's a little girl, and we couldn't be more proud of her (even when she has days like Saturday when she caused her momma to need a nerve pill). She opened all of her presents from us that morning. She danced to the song that the jewelry box plays. 

And then it arrived. This was her first trip down it. 

This was Elynn's first and only trip down the slide. She's much more aware of things that have the potential to be dangerous than Reese ever has been. 

We've watched Tangled several times lately. Reese loves the lanterns, so Adam wanted me to order some to send off on her birthday. She was SO excited about it. We lit 5 of them. 

 Her daddy told her to make a birthday wish when the last one was gone.

I'm not gonna lie. I loved 4. Four was so much easier and more enjoyable than 3. I feel like it will probably continue down this easier path until somewhere around 13... Maybe I'm wrong. Reese is full of energy. She cannot be worn down, she hasn't needed a nap in 2 years (I have needed a nap every day), and she is never ready to go to bed. She is so flippin' precious I could just pinch her little face. She and Elynn start off in Reese's bed, but end up in ours (usually before midnight). When she was a little baby, sleeping with us was not enough. She wanted our faces to be touching. She's graduated a little bit from that, but she still wants to be in close proximity. She gets very upset when we talk about kindergarten. She loves "Mrs. A-Liz" and wants to be her helper forever. When she grows up, she wants to be "Mrs. A-Liz" and she has even picked out an abandoned building close to our house that she wants her daycare to be in. 
Happy birthday Big Sis!

Monday, October 5, 2015


Nothing made me happier than this trip to Auburn to meet up with our friends. Samantha so graciously invited us to come tailgate, and because God is good and he still performs miracles, almost everyone was able to make it. 

Reese LOVES, and I do mean LOVES, this dress. She was so excited when there was one in my size. I figure this dressing like momma phase will be short lived. 

We had to park somewhere around Montgomery and walk the rest of the way. Adam could have dropped us off at the tailgate spot, but I hated for him to have to walk alone so I declined his offer. It didn't take me but about 10 minutes of uphill walking to regret that decision. The girls had it made in the red wagon shade.  

We took the girls to their first Tiger Walk. It was so fun. Except there was a man next to us that kept hollering at the players, "why don'tcha block somebody this week" and "I wish yall would hit somebody!"

The daddy/daugher club. And each of these girls have little sisters.

It saddens me that we don't get to see all of our people more often, but I am so glad we had a chance to hang out and to get this very rare group photo.