Wednesday, August 29, 2012

23 Months (better late than never)

At 23 Months:

Weight: 22 lbs.
Height: ???

Some of my favorite things she is say: "boo bus" (school bus), "get it mommy" she says it really fast, "uh callin'" (who are you calling), "Steffff" everytime I get on the phone she thinks it's Steph (which probably shows we talk way too much!) "Bubbas tub" she wants to get in the tub with bubbles. Big Daddy is "Big Buddy", "Hold juu" when she wants us to hold her, and "Onk G" Uncle G.

Since she has started repeating everything we say we do a lot of spelling at our house. It isn't that we say ugly things, but I would hate for her to go to daycare and repeat the word "idiot" because she heard us go on a tirade the night before when something concerning our current administration came on the news. It has gotten to the point that Big Daddy says he can no longer communicate with us if we are going to keep up all the spelling of words. (But between me and you there was a rumor a few years ago that he had a D on his report card in 3rd grade if that tells you anything about his spelling abilities.... I mean really. Who has a D on their report card in elementary school? Big Daddy that's who.)

She loves the Mickey Mouse app that we have on her  our ipad. Part of the app makes you say "Go Pete Go" to get Pete to finish the race. She will stare at the screen and scream for Pete to go. Then she wants us to help her tell Pete to go.

We have fallen into some what of a bad habit. Back in the summer she got a virus that was going around. Since then she has slept with us at least part of every night. Then when school started last  week I was so tired that I let her lay down in our bed several nights.( I am pretty sure I fell asleep before she did) And here's the thing about her sleeping with us- I am affraid I will regret it when she is 5 and still in our bed, but I'm more affraid that I will regret letting her cry for me when she's 16 and embarrassed by my mere existence. She cries this terrified cry while she calls for me and it is pitiful. One night she had called for me and called for me then she started saying, "Daddyyyyyyy, Dadddyyy" Adam covered his ears and said, "ohhhh nooooo I can't hearrrr you." Don't tell my Daddy because I will NEVER hear the end of it but she fell off the bed this morning. Rolled right into the floor. I picked her up, put her back in bed, and I am pretty sure she never woke up.

Has decided that she wants to give her Daddy a pedicure every night:) And he lets her.

"Melon" is the one thing she will consistently eat. 

 She loves big trucks, school buses, baby dolls, and wearing my high heels. It's just the combination I dreamed of when I was pregnant and picking out pink dresses and sparkly shoes for her.

And this is just the kind of face I hoped my kid would make;)

Friday, August 3, 2012

A day in the life...

I know that by late October I will be thinking back to these hot summer days and wondering what in the world we did every day so here is where I will give entirely too much detail about our day. If you decide not to read it I do not blame you. We aren't all that exciting unless you consider drinking coffee until 10 every morning exciting. In which case we would be best friends.

(I started this post about 3 weeks ago so lets pretend the days are correct)

We have finally trained Reese to sleep in which hasn't been as great as I had expected. Monday morning she slept until 9:15 which was great because I got up at 7 and almost had her room cleaned out and organized (one of my goals for the summer) by the time she was up. (I LOVE it when I beat her up because I can actually get something done). (When I went back and read that sentence it sounded like I physically beat her up, but y'all know what I mean.) However, she DID NOT take a nap ALL DAY LONG. Does my use of capital letters show you how this didn't make for the best afternoon at our house?

Jolie (better known as "Joey/Goalie) stayed with us last night and today which means I have basically had a free day because when Jolie is around Reese is not concerned with her momma. And who would want their boring old momma when you've got this.....?????

I guess we can call it her first real spend the night party since we let her sleep in the floor with Jolie instead of her bed.

It turned out to be the best day of Reese's whole life because Addison also came over to play. She had her 2 favorite people in one location.

Later that same week we went shopping with Allison and Addison. 
Addison was kind enough to let Reese play in her hair while we shopped. (Yes, we own our very own stroller, but they are much happier riding together.) Plus when they are not in the same stroller/buggy they try to crawl over the buggies to get together which leads to Addison falling out on her head in Hobby Lobby. You better believe that we got some ugly looks from the older generation of ladies that stood nearby. For the record Addison was not injured (too bad) and once we realized she was okay all we could do was laugh. Because we are mature like that:)

We have also spent a lot of time in the kitchen this summer. Reese loves to reorganize the silverware.
And, of course, we've spent time at the pool. The only problem with the pool is that she doesn't get a nap on those days which leads to a ton of drama in the late afternoon. She jumps straight off the diving board without blinking an eye.
I am pretty sure she is tired of me because she gets so excited when her daddy comes home. (When she was a tiny baby I thought she looked just like him, but recently I had started to think she was looking a little more like me. THEN I saw this picture and oh my goodness I don't see me at all!)
I took her to MeeMaw's one afternoon so I could cut the grass. As I was leaving she pushed open the screen door and said, "go momma go." See? Tired of me.

Her first cooking lesson....

We went to the mall with DD and I remembered seeing kids riding in those car strollers. I knew that would be a hit. $3 later I was right. She LOVED it. It was the best shopping trip I've had since before her birth mainly because she wasn't hanging on my leg begging me to hold her.
We have also spent some quality time with the pups. (P.S. We do own clothes for her, but she prefers only a diaper. I hope we break that habit within the next 2 weeks.)
Potty training is in our immediate future. Or so I hope. Every time she tee tees just a little she takes her diaper off, goes and gets me another one, and says "clean clean." She does use her potty, but consistency is our problem. 

So to sum up our summer I will say that....I have no idea where it went! It seems to go by faster every year, and I'm sure that won't change. I will be so sad to go back to work, but on the contrary I think she will be so happy to go back to daycare and play with her friends. 

If you need me next week I'll be sitting around being lazy with big plans of cleaning my house one last time. Plans that will inevitably not come to pass:)