Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Caboose: 20 Weeks

Started writing this 2 weeks ago...

It's so funny to me how quickly each pregnancy goes by. And by funny I mean HAHA funny like I do not have one thing in hand for him, and we aren't even going to discuss names.

11 days before Christmas we had a gender sonogram done. I looked away, she immediately said she was successful at seeing what it was, and I was done. She sealed up the pictures and this in the envelope, and I was on my way. It was placed high on our tree because Reese knew what it was, and I didn't trust her to leave it alone. Because Reese wanted another sister, Elynn also wanted another sister. They think boys are gross, and for at least another 15 years I'm good with that. 

We really didn't think a lot about the envelope. I mean with Christmas and 2 kids running around, we really didn't have time to dwell on it too much. However, it did effect my sleep. Several nights I dreamed about it. It was always a girl in my dream. Christmas Eve night was the only night I dreamed it was a boy. I woke Adam up at 6 and he and I went straight to the living room to open it. The words of Clark Griswold immediately crossed my mind- "If I woke tomorrow morning with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn't be more surprised than I am right now." Adam had thought all along it was a boy. I was 100% positive it was a girl. (Adam's smart mouth daddy said "How do you know? You've never been pregnant with a boy." Y'all don't know the torture I endure at the hands of that man. And he claims I'm the one with smart mouth. Whatever.) I'm just going on record and saying that I have felt the exact same this time as I did with the girls. I was sick from about week 6 till week 10, but I've been good since then. Adam said there were a few nights that it was just him and the girls. I was mostly sick at night and went to bed before 7 a couple of times. 

I had ordered 2 sets of scratch offs from Etsy. One was in case it was a boy and was in case it was a girl. We had them wrapped in boxes for our parents and Uncle G when they came for breakfast. Looking back on it if I had known in advance it was a boy, we would have wrapped up a pink outfit and let them open it and think it was a girl and later told them the truth.
 Reese didn't have a lot to say when we told her that morning, but my cousin's wife later asked her if she was excited to have a brother and she responded "it's alright I guess." Since then she has come around about it and throws at least one name my way every day for consideration. Currently she is telling everyone his name will be Rudolph. Y'all know better. Elynn tells everyone that Baby Jesus is in mommy's tummy. We talked a lot about Baby Jesus at Christmas so naturally she thinks I'm Mary. ;)

We had our 20 week appointment yesterday. He weighed 14 ounces. Here again...this is my 3rd time around and it still shocks me that I gain _____ pounds and the kid weighs less than 1 of those. I looked back and saw that at this point with Reese I had gained 10 pounds. I didn't document with Elynn (that I can find), but let's just say it goes up with each pregnancy. What's funny though with Elynn I gained faster but in the end it was the same. 40 pounds both times. I may tip the scales this time though. I doubt being pregnant at Thanksgiving and Christmas helped much in that department. I'm older and wiser now though. I don't even get up tight about the weight gain. It will go away. Eventually.

 Personally, I think he's real cute already. That tiny little nose.

He is still very much a HE and he was proud to show us.

I'm open to name suggestions. We've liked 2 names in the past, but now people we know have named their kids those names, so the hunt is back on. We prefer a solid manly Southern name, but not an overused one. We have a if-we-had-to-pick-right-now name, but I'm not 100% sold on it. Like when I saw the name Elynn I was done. I knew it. Loved it. Wanted it. I need to feel that way this time too. 

And this is what 22 weeks looks like the 3rd time around...