Thursday, March 31, 2011

Green Peas & Ticklish Piggies

After we got home from a long and exciting day at daycare on Tuesday Reese ate some bananas. She was still hungry so I decided to try something different. Green peas. She was not happy. Even when I gave her other foods to get the taste out of her mouth she continued to gag.

(I would be willing to bet my pay check that when my daddy sees that she hates peas he will discuss at length with my mother how concerned he is about Reese's eating habits and that all she's going to want to eat is junk food.)

That night I got a refreashing 15 miuntes of sleep because the only way she was going to close her eyes was if she was directly on top of me. But, you know, it's fine because that's the way I prefer to get my beauty rest. With 14 pounds laying on my chest. Thankfully our normal sleeping arrangements resumed the next night.

Santa Clause brought this toy that straps onto her carseat and it gives her much entertainment while driving down the road. Now when she falls asleep in the car she holds one of the toys.

Adam proudly announced that yesterday morning she was saying "da da." Well, sure she did. How convenient. No one heard it but him. But then last night she was saying it again. However, everyone knows that is the easiest sound to make that's why it comes first. But we'll let him have his moment.

She thinks it is so funny when her daddy rubs his face on the bottom of her feet. She is also really ticklish under her arms.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The day he's been waiting for...

I hope you all had as lovely of a weekend as we did. It was filled to the brim with nothingness. Unless you count the highly anticipated event also known as my biannual cleaning out of the closet. Which took me a sweet forever on Saturday. On Sunday Adam took Reese over to the lake to do a little fishing while Momma trailed behind on foot because there is this nagging beach trip lurking in our future. I completed Week 1 Day 1 of the Couch to 5K program. Yeah, don't expect me to ever bring that up again because I have a sneaking suspicion Day 2 and me- we will never meet. I spent the first 15 minutes thinking I might die and the last 10 minutes wishing I would. But thankfully I got a lot of moral support from hubby. The last 10 minutes of the run of death he was kind enough to ride beside me in the truck while giving me words of encouragement like, "keep it up I still see some jiggling." If he would have married a sensitive woman I assure you they would already be divorced. I did take a break to capture a few Kodak moments.

It's just the scene I imagined as I folded all those pink dresses and dreamed of all the baby girl sweetness that life with a daughter would bring. Look at her face. That is sheer joy you are seeing. She thought it was so funny! And her daddy- it was his proudest moment. She has a pink Barbie fishing pole he is just itching to teach her to use.

(Note: Her hands were thoroughly cleaned after this.)

On Thursday Adam took Reese to get her 6 month shots. She weighed 14lbs and 3 ounces and was 26 inches long. Dr. Cabellaro says she is going to be tall and thin. I will be interested in seeing how accurate he is.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Here's to wishing every week was Spring Break

Did y'all know last week was my spring break? Since I am still talking about it 5 days later I clearly can't get over it. Me and the girl, we had a blast. When I was home with her on maternity leave she used me for nothing more than nourishment. But last week was different. She has changed so much and is so interested in everything. I cannot tell you how sad I was when Sunday rolled around and I knew it was all over. (I sense some of you 12 month out of the year workers wanting to reach through the computer screen and slap me for complaining after having a week off. I give you full permission.)

You want to know what we did all week? No? Well let me tell you anyway. We landscaped. And then we landscaped. And then because we couldn't get enough we landscaped some more. I had to be reminded throughout the weeks that it was a marathon not a sprint. You will be fascinated to know that I spent 7 of my 9 day vacation in the yard. I hesitate to continue talking it up because you might expect greater results than were actually achieved. I'll just say this- a bomb could have gone off in our front yard and it would have been an improvement. I plan to post a picture when I remember to take one.

Saturday 2 major tasks were marked off the list: staining the porch and hanging the swing. Mainly the swing took precedent because Big Momma needed somewhere to sit while holding the princess and watching hubby work. (Oh, I'm kidding. I dug at least 2 holes so don't go thinking hubby gets credit for all of this)

On Sunday after church Adam decided to finish staining the porch before we had our pictures made. And thus a bad idea was born. Stain splotched skin/fingernails and up close and personals aren't friends.
Monday we loaded up, took out a second mortgage on our house, and proceeded to invest in shrubbery that will inevitably meet its demise at the paws of Dixie and Autie. That night we left Reese with MeeMaw and PeePaw went to a movie and out to eat. We kept conversation about her to a minimum. I feel certain her name was mentioned no more than thirty-two times while we were gone.

A-master is a quiet and reserved man except where projects are concerned. He becomes a beast barking orders at me. While he walked around talking cabinet business with a customer on the phone (yeah, sure) me and the shovel dug a hole for a shrub. When he got off the phone he told me that "Ray Charles could see that hole isn't in line with the others." I told him he better show some respect for the woman who has been his constant landscaping companion during my SPRING BREAK!
Without boring you to tears let me sum the week up- Wednesday through Saturday we dug no less than 24 holes for plants, put out pine straw and landscape lights, made a second trip to the nursery, and unfortunately A-master received a sun burn of epic proportions.

But I'll tell you, Reese hung in there with the best of em'. She took no more than a 15 minute nap everyday. And would wake up fresh as a daisy.

All in all- we completed everything on our list except the concrete sidewalk. It appears that concrete people are recession proof. We have contacted 3 different people that claimed that they would come give us an estimate. Three weeks later still no concrete estimate.
We went out to eat with a couple of our friends on Thursday night and accidentally ran across a petting zoo of sorts in Talladega. Reese was pretty impressed with the tigers, camel, monkeys etc. I sense a trip to the zoo in our future.

We were notified that camel rides were taking place at 3:00 on Friday. Yeah, we'll pass, but thanks.

(Please notice the red sign above the tigers cage...CAUTION BIG CAT SPRAYS...Maybe its because we don't get out much, but we did not know that. And at that moment we all were wondering which end it sprays from????? You know what? I'd rather not know.)

Yep, thats a goat and a calf. Exotic animals I tell ya.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bringing sexy back...

If you saw me last week I apologize. Contrary to my appearance I have not given up on life. It was my personal goal not to wear any makeup last week. I succeeded.

I have big plans to update y'all on our Spring Break. Now whether that comes to pass has yet to be seen.

I would like to present to you my favorite picture from the week...

Between the brown S10 and those shorts with boots A-Master single handedly brought sexy back.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Half a Year

She's 6 months old and I can't believe it!
(Note: the boo boo above her eye- yeah, I accidentally did that with my fingernail. And Lord have mercy, I heard about it from Pee Paw!)

And she strongly believes that everything she gets her hands on should go in her mouth.

At 6 months old Reese:

Weighs: 14 lbs 7oz (as of 2 weeks ago)
Height: (I have no idea. Hopefully I will remember to measure her this afternoon)
Drinks 4 ounces every 3 hours or so. She loves banana, prunes, sweet potatoes, and any of the combinations such as apple strawberry granola. She does not like raspberries!
She can sit up for a few seconds by herself.
During spring break she spent some time gearing up for the warmer weather and our upcoming summer vacation (while I spent some time loving and kissing her because, oh my goodness, she is 6 MONTHS OLD!)

I learned one important fact about our girl during spring break...she does not nap well. I don't know what she does at daycare, but let me tell you, last week she didn't take more than a 20 minute nap everyday. And she won't go down without a fight. And who can blame her? There was so much excitement with all of the landscaping and porch staining.

The best nap she got all week was when we put her in her seat and sat it on the swing. In essence we were trying to trick her into thinking we were riding in the car. It worked on this particular occasion. On Saturday, because I value my sanity, we loaded her up during a major meltdown and drove around for a little while.

Her daddy got the swing hung up and she loves it!

And because I took a blogacation (blog vacation- haha) I didn't post a picture of her little St. Patricks Day getup until now.
She is very ticklish especially around her neck and under her arms.

She is excited about her new swimsuits and can't wait to go swimming.

I plan to talk more about this in another post, but when she goes to sleep she pulls/plays in her hair.

Gave Pee Paw and Jolie a tutorial on how to drive the tractor.

During day 1 of our yard makeover Jolie did a little babysitting. I loved how she propped Reese's head up on her baby doll in lieu of a pillow.

She finally figured out how to get her toes in her mouth!

(I am emotionally not ready to discuss this, but for those of you (like myself) who are challenged by mathematics, in 6 more months she will be one year old. 1 year old. And then they are not babies anymore. Just thinking about it makes me sad.)
Our friends Jared and Elizabeth Harris came and made 6 month pictures last weekend. Having pictures made with a little tot makes me so edgy, but she was very tolerant of all of the picture taking madness! If you are interested click here to see the slide show.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Autie Amber Alert!!!

I regret to inform you that our sweet Autie is missing. She was last seen on Thursday morning around 8:00 at our house. One of two things have happened: 1. She has run away from home since Reese took all of her attention. In which case I would much appreciate if someone would return her. She gets plenty of attention so disregard any story she tries to tell you about how awful her parents are. 2. Someone saw her, wanted her, and picked her up in our yard. In which case if we find out you have her I will send A-Master out to hunt you down. He will be armed and semi-dangerous. Lets just keep this civil and return our daughter. Thank you.

I can't express how sad it makes me that she is missing. Who will protect our yard if she doesn't come back? Dixie? Yeah, sure. Dixie is more of a welcoming committee. Autie has always been very good to bark at threatening and scary things such as pine needles falling from the trees. Many nights we have been awoke (awakened??) by Autie barking to let us know that somewhere in the yard a leaf hit the ground.

Dixie is aware that she is a dog but Autie is of the belief that she is in fact a person and should be treated as such. And let me tell you, Dixie isn't taking this well. Thanks to my excellent photography skill you can see just how sad she is.

I kid you not, the whites in her eyes were red last night. We got Autie because Dixie's BFF Rose Bud got taken in a drive by dog napping one Saturday while she was helping out with a neighbors yard sale. Through counseling and prayer Dixie accepted the disappearance of her Rose Bud, but this situation with Autie could kill her. I hesitate to say that we may have to get her a prescription for nerve pills. And maybe some Ambien just to help her rest easier.
If you or someone you know has seen her please let us know. There might be a reward. (However, that is highly unlikely)
Just as I was about to post this I recieved the call that Autie returned home. It seems that she disappeared for a day or two in an effort to get more attention at home. Rest assured she will be punished to the furthest extent of the law.

The Haircut of 2011

Ya'll know the last thing I want to do is bore you with another story. But there are some things that are so impressive (and unbelievable) that they must be shared with others. Therefore us here at The Simple Life Inc bring you...The Haircut of 2011.

It all started on Friday when Adam tried to get his biweekly haircut. He is accustomed to paying not one red cent over $10 for a haircut. Actually until a few years ago he went to a particular barber shop that only charged him $5, but he had to get up at 5 AM on Saturdays in order to "beat the old women who would be lined up at 6 to get their hair permed." Once while we were in college he took for granted that people in Auburn cut hair for $10 and got his haircut without asking the price in advance. He ended up paying $25 and I still hear about it TO. THIS. DAY. Followed by... "and then they had a tip jar! Here's your tip- look both ways before crossing the road." You tell em' A-Master.

The odd thing is that Adam isn't cheap by any stretch of the imagination. We are talking about a man who without reserve will pay upwards of $50 for a fishing pole (which I swear he has one just like it in the barn). And in an effort to avoid sheer pandemonium at Wal Mart he begs me to grocery shop at Winn Dixie. He is a lot of things, but cheap he is not. Until we start talking about his hair. Because, really, who cares about their hair?

He declares that his hair doesn't get long only poofy. In essence A-Master gets an Afro if he goes too long without a trim. He went to his regular girl on Friday and the unacceptable occurred. Someone was already in front of him and he just couldn't bear to sacrifice 10 minutes to wait his turn. So he revolted and didn't get a haircut because he couldn't be bothered with all that waiting.

Fast forward to Saturday. I am currently on the pastor search committee at our church and the committee along with our spouses were having dinner with our, fingers crossed, new pastor and his family Saturday night. While we were in Oxford on Saturday Adam realized that his hair had crossed over into "Afro" status and something must be done. An Afro at our dinner date would simply send the wrong impression. He called one of the salons to inquire about their pricing. In his most serious and mature voice I hear..., "Um, yes ma'am could you tell me the price of your gentleman's haircuts?" (Seriously, gentleman's???) He promptly hung up when he was informed the going rate was $17.95. Unacceptable, people. Unacceptable.

So the 4 of us came home (me, Reese, Adam and his 'fro') and started preparing for our dinner date. Reese helped me make the one and only dish I ever take anywhere- Cast Iron Skillet Apple Pie. I can't take credit for the recipe. I married into it. And I must say that it is a little piece of Heaven right in your mouth!

I had to be at the dinner early so I left Adam behind to get ready and meet me there later. When we got home later that night he ask as he turned his head from side to side,

"So did you notice anything different about me?"

"No. What?"

"I did a little trimming on my hair after you left."

Lord have mercy.

"You did what?"

And then, as he makes clipping motions with his fingers all over his head, I hear "yeah, I used the thinning sheers and just randomly cut."

That sound ya'll just heard was hair stylist far and wide gasping in horror.

On Friday he couldn't bear to wait 10 minutes to get his haircut, but on Saturday he has 30 minutes to waste CUTTING HIS OWN HAIR!

He said that after he "thinned out the 'fro'" so much hair started coming out that he proclaimed out loud to himself, "Uh oh, LeeLee isn't going to like this!"

Bless his heart. With a hair crisis surrounding him who does he think of? Not himself, but his wife. He is a compassionate soul. Thankfully, it wasn't evident to the uninformed eye that he had played beauty shop with thinning sheers. Although after he mentioned it I could tell the 'fro' seemed smaller.

Anyway, on to more important matters. Just to let you know next week is Spring Break. I wasn't sure if I had mentioned that or not. There are rumors that A-Master is taking me on a date that might or might not include a movie and a trip through Chick-Fil-A's drive through for ice cream on the way home. He knows the way to my heart. I desperately need to get my hair "did" next week, but I shiver at the though of having to be somewhere at a certain time during my week off. My hearts desire is to have NOTHING to do next week. Just as I was telling Adam that exact statement this list was presented to me...

What? What'd you say? You didn't know I was a landscaper?

Me neither.

Just my opinion...the list is a little ambitious considering it took us 2 years to paint our back door. I mean, with that kind of list when will I have time to sit and stare at Reese while watching her hair grow?