Sunday, September 25, 2011

12 months! (several days late)

At 12 months old Reese:

Weight: According to our scale 18 pounds, but that's several pounds less than last month. We'll see at the doctor when we go this week.


Walks more and more everyday, but still prefers to crawl because it's so much quicker.

Isn't a very good eater at home, but Mrs. Liz says she eats good at day care. She would much rather have a cup of milk than food. She will try a bit of almost anything, but then spits it out.

She can say: mama, dada, Adam without the m on the end, uh oh, and her favorite word is ohhhhhhhh.

Hates to wear shoes or socks.

Goes to bed around 8 every night and sometimes sleep till 7 the next morning, but lately cries around 5 or 6 for us to come get her. Today she took at 2 hour nap which is unheard of at our house.

She hates to have her diaper or clothes changed. If you drove up to our house during a diaper change you would think we were beating her. It can be heard from outside.

Overall she had 3 cakes for her birthday. One was for the pictures we had made, one at her party, and another on her birthday. I fear that she is going to think she get to smash her hands in every cake that she sees. The third cake she finally figured out exactly what to do.

I got a little worried about her climbing out of her bed so we let the mattress down. It's a little lower than I expected it to be which makes it very difficult to lay her down when she is already asleep. I almost fell over into the bed the first time I put her down because my feet have to come off the floor to be able to reach the mattress.

This is what she does when we tell her to love her baby. So sweet!

She loves headbands. She knows that this one is in her toy box and she plays with it a lot.

She likes to crawl on anybody who will lay in the floor long enough.

She loves to go into our room and sit on these boxes that have all the cards and other keepsakes from our wedding. I got her one of her own to go in her room, but she still likes this one better.

Learned to drink from a straw. She thinks it's so fun.

Her rocking chair and princess couch are her favorite things to play with right now.

We've been playing with her fire truck and play house most afternoons.

Currently she is a momma's girl. It secretly disturbs her daddy, but I am sure his day is coming and my mere existence will embarrass her.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Last Clay Bowl

Let's have a moment of silence for the fact that the Clay Bowl shall be no more.

We, at this house, are of the belief that 1 school in such a small county is a good thing, but we are also of the belief that it is a sad day knowing that this exciting game has come to an end. Matter of fact I almost let my emotions get the best of me yesterday when I started second guessing the new school.

The atmosphere yesterday at Lineville High School was so much fun. It took me back to my high school days. Earlier last week the faculty was asked to participate in a dance and cheer at the pep rally. The coach's even agreed to dance which made it so much funnier. There is a link to the dance on my Facebook page if you need a good laugh. It almost brought me to tears.

After school I met up with the A-master and we headed to the ball game. Mrs. Higgins, God bless her soul, had enough room for me and Reese to sit with her. And good seats she did have. 50 yard line. 2 rows from the top. At the gate Adam and I went our separate ways. And if you really get down to it that just shows that we have more dedication to our respective high schools than we do to our own marriage. Once we went our own ways the trash talking text messages began. I'm not going to tell y'all some of the things that were said because our pastor's wife reads this blog. (Oh, I'm just kidding.)( Sort of.) All I know is that it got to the point that I sent him a message telling him to stay at his Mommas for the night. That's when Jesus intervened and allowed my cell phone to die which promptly saved our marriage.

I was just about to send him this picture telling him that she's the only thing we have in common. How she went to sleep I will never know. She woke up quickly when Lineville scored.

This was Reese's first and last Clay Bowl and she got to spend it with some of her best friends Anna Kate and Ensleigh.

I am sad to see it come to an end, but I am glad that I got to be back at Lineville as part of the faculty for this last year.

By this morning Adam and I had agreed to disagree just so our lives could go on. We took the only thing we have in common to Cheaha for the fall festival where I searched high and low but never found a funnel cake. Can it really be called a fall festival if there aren't any funnel cakes? No.

Since she's a big girl now we turned her around in her seat. I know there are some people who say they should face backward until they are 2, but really? 2? Not us.

We are spending the rest of the weekend watching football games and trying to get over sore throats from all the yelling last night. And trying to refrain from arguing about a couple of questionable calls last night.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Reese!

Happy Happy 1st Birthday Reese E Cup! In a way I can't believe your a year old, but in a way I feel like we've had you forever.

A year ago today we learned what selfless love was all about. A year ago today we learned that we could function on 2 hours of sleep. A year ago today my fear of needles was put aside in order to meet you. A year ago today our lives changed in more ways than I can list. A year ago today our lives truly began.

Happy Birthday sweet girl! We love you more than you will ever know.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Queen of Her Castle (or playhouse)

We had originally planned to get the birthday girl a swing set for the big #1, but the ones we were interested in would have forced us to take out a second mortgage. Big Daddy ran across this playhouse at Sam's back during the summer. The best part? It was on sale. Even though she's a little small for it right now it will be just right by next summer when we're home looking for something to do.

She spent a little time yesterday afternoon learning her way around the kitchen.

Autie and her Daddy helped her out. I have a feeling that this may become Autie's new home. She jumped right through one of the windows in hopes of sitting in someone's lap.

Tomorrows the big day. THE BIRTHDAY DAY. If you need me between now and then I'll be sitting here holding my baby. And crying the ugly cry. Because after tonight it's over. She'll be smart mouthing me and rolling her eyes.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The First Birthday Party!

It appears that we survived the first birthday party as Momma and Daddy, but there was a minute or two that I was doubting we'd make it out alive. At times over the past month (or two or three) of planning I felt like I was planning a wedding again. A lot more goes into a first birthday party than I realized. (There are people in my life that would say that I just make things more difficult than they have to be. Adam, I'm looking at you. We all have our opinions.) I know it comes as a shock to some of you, but I wanted the party to be a little on the fallish side with some girly flare.

Friday night at 9:00 the Daddy of The Year was out cutting twigs for my caramel apples. There was, of course, the expected eye roll when I told him I need 2o twigs widdled into a point on one end. But because he's THE A-master he made it happen. And I would like for him to know just how much his girl and I love him for making this parrty meet its potential.

I know she won't remember this party, but her Momma sure will;)

I fell in love with Adam all over again when he found a way to make my food signs stand
by using marshmellows. He is a man of many talents.

I used most of her monthly pictures with the onezie stickers to make a collage. It is so amazing to see how much she has changed in the last 12 months!

Big Daddy and D.D. got her this antique fire truck and fixed it up. This was her daddy's proudest moment.

MeeMaw's Sewing Shop was busy Friday making this outfit. So cute! MeeMaw has got skills;)

(Is it me or does her hair look red in this picture?)

I used a Paula Deen recipe for the caramel apples. That Paula really knows her caramel. I'm not going to list everything that's in it because I don't want to remind myself how unhealthy it was, but I highly recommend it.

Darlene Lovelady did the cake and it was delicious. The top was strawberry because her Daddy gets all beside himself when strawberry cake is present.

We got her the playhouse which Adam has spent countless hours putting together over the last few weeks. MeeMaw and PeePaw got her the rocking chair.

Auntie Steph made the trip from Nashvega so she gets the award for furtherest to travel.

Reese with some of her cuz's.

I adore this little face!

The gift opening was a family affair. Andi said she was a veteran and she was going to show Reese how it was done.

Jolie and Red also helped out.

MeeMaw and PeePaw gave her a singing Tweety Bird card and she loved it!

Big Daddy and D.D. got her a couch like Anna Kates and she loves it too!

Then the big moment....the smash cake. She did not love it.

Cuz Ollie made this sign and I love it! So cute!

Daddy said the sun wasn't going to set on this party without every toy being put together.

During the party I was trying to make pictures, get food put out etc....Elizabeth walked up and said not to worry about taking pictures and just enjoy the party because she was taking care of it. Thank you so much Elizabeth and I can't wait to see them!

And thanks to everyone who came to make her 1st birthday party special! We love you all! Oh, and thanks to our parents who babysat yesterday and ran around picking up food and such for us!