Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Did y'all know...

that like 4 months ago we had a baby?!?!? I know, I know. Still shocks me too. But here he is and he's so squishy wishy and presh. 

I'm going to tell y'all all about his arrival and life with 3 little people next time, but it's pretty much a beautiful, chaotic mess ALL THE TIME. And I wouldn't change one thing about it. Not one. 

Friday, April 29, 2016

Waiting and anticipating....

I'm so sad that I no longer have time for the world of blogging. Actually I could probably make time, but that would require effort and really that's what I'm currently lacking. So let's catch up for a bit.

The curly topped one...she doesn't let a meal time pass her by. She will even finish off her sister's food if given the opportunity.

 Last week we were having dinner on the screened porch and she sat her baby beside me and walked away. She turned sideways quickly and cut her eyes to that baby and in her best momma voice with her hands on her hips said, "Betta don't. Betta don't, baby." I asked what her baby was doing that she better not do again. She was apparently hitting me, and Elynn wasn't going to stand for it. This is my favorite age and not just because we are currently free of diapers. It's my favorite age because of the precious that flows from that little mouth. Well...usually precious. All except when she looked our song director at church square in the eyes Sunday and said, "You sassy." Mortified. I.WAS. MORTIFIED. I turned all shades of red while I apologized and explained that he looks similar (and by similar I mean they are both bold headed) to someone that tells her she's sassy and picks at her all the time. We allow her to talk back to him, but the song leader??? NO!
 We had some pictures made a few weeks ago. It was part of the newborn package, so I went with it. Maternity pictures aren't generally my favorite, but I have to admit I think I may LOVE these. Elynn hated her dress by the way so it was touch and go with her.
 They started playing dress up again a few weeks ago. It's been a while since Reese did this, but I think I died from all the sweetness when she introduced the dresses to her sister. Of course, there ended up being a fight or two but thankfully it didn't escalate to the point of ruining the moment.
I'm currently real pregnant but not lucky enough for it to actually happen today. I'm 37 weeks. Elynn was born at 38 weeks, so I should probably start getting myself worked into a panic right about now. I took a half day off today to do just that. We just put the baby bed up Tuesday night. He doesn't have a whole name yet. I don't even recognize myself anymore. How have we let this moment sneak up on us and not even have a name!? Well he has a first name. It's the middle name that's causing talk of a divorce right now. I'll let y'all know when this debate is settled. 

I'm not even kidding myself by thinking bringing baby #3 home will be as easy as #2. Elynn was so easy. Plus Reese is on the verge of packing up and going to kindergarten. My emotions will probably be high over the next few months. It's all happening really quickly....except the misery of the end of pregnancy. That's draggin' on like the anticipation of Christmas morning. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Caboose: 20 Weeks

Started writing this 2 weeks ago...

It's so funny to me how quickly each pregnancy goes by. And by funny I mean HAHA funny like I do not have one thing in hand for him, and we aren't even going to discuss names.

11 days before Christmas we had a gender sonogram done. I looked away, she immediately said she was successful at seeing what it was, and I was done. She sealed up the pictures and this in the envelope, and I was on my way. It was placed high on our tree because Reese knew what it was, and I didn't trust her to leave it alone. Because Reese wanted another sister, Elynn also wanted another sister. They think boys are gross, and for at least another 15 years I'm good with that. 

We really didn't think a lot about the envelope. I mean with Christmas and 2 kids running around, we really didn't have time to dwell on it too much. However, it did effect my sleep. Several nights I dreamed about it. It was always a girl in my dream. Christmas Eve night was the only night I dreamed it was a boy. I woke Adam up at 6 and he and I went straight to the living room to open it. The words of Clark Griswold immediately crossed my mind- "If I woke tomorrow morning with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn't be more surprised than I am right now." Adam had thought all along it was a boy. I was 100% positive it was a girl. (Adam's smart mouth daddy said "How do you know? You've never been pregnant with a boy." Y'all don't know the torture I endure at the hands of that man. And he claims I'm the one with smart mouth. Whatever.) I'm just going on record and saying that I have felt the exact same this time as I did with the girls. I was sick from about week 6 till week 10, but I've been good since then. Adam said there were a few nights that it was just him and the girls. I was mostly sick at night and went to bed before 7 a couple of times. 

I had ordered 2 sets of scratch offs from Etsy. One was in case it was a boy and was in case it was a girl. We had them wrapped in boxes for our parents and Uncle G when they came for breakfast. Looking back on it if I had known in advance it was a boy, we would have wrapped up a pink outfit and let them open it and think it was a girl and later told them the truth.
 Reese didn't have a lot to say when we told her that morning, but my cousin's wife later asked her if she was excited to have a brother and she responded "it's alright I guess." Since then she has come around about it and throws at least one name my way every day for consideration. Currently she is telling everyone his name will be Rudolph. Y'all know better. Elynn tells everyone that Baby Jesus is in mommy's tummy. We talked a lot about Baby Jesus at Christmas so naturally she thinks I'm Mary. ;)

We had our 20 week appointment yesterday. He weighed 14 ounces. Here again...this is my 3rd time around and it still shocks me that I gain _____ pounds and the kid weighs less than 1 of those. I looked back and saw that at this point with Reese I had gained 10 pounds. I didn't document with Elynn (that I can find), but let's just say it goes up with each pregnancy. What's funny though with Elynn I gained faster but in the end it was the same. 40 pounds both times. I may tip the scales this time though. I doubt being pregnant at Thanksgiving and Christmas helped much in that department. I'm older and wiser now though. I don't even get up tight about the weight gain. It will go away. Eventually.

 Personally, I think he's real cute already. That tiny little nose.

He is still very much a HE and he was proud to show us.

I'm open to name suggestions. We've liked 2 names in the past, but now people we know have named their kids those names, so the hunt is back on. We prefer a solid manly Southern name, but not an overused one. We have a if-we-had-to-pick-right-now name, but I'm not 100% sold on it. Like when I saw the name Elynn I was done. I knew it. Loved it. Wanted it. I need to feel that way this time too. 

And this is what 22 weeks looks like the 3rd time around...

Friday, December 18, 2015

Curse Words

*Viewer discretion is advised on this post.*

Reese knows there are words we don't use. We don't say stupid, idiot, oh my God or gosh, shut up etc. Those are all things that we don't think sound good coming from little children. She doesn't use those words because we hear them on TV and such and we've talked about how they are not nice. 

Then there are other words... damn in particular. Now before you start claiming that "she's heard her parents using those word" let's talk about a few things. 1. Yes, I can be caught using a word at the right moment however if she is around I try to spell them out or say them repeatedly in my head instead of out loud. 2. We listen to country music and they are big fans of "mild" curse words. 2. She loves to new version of Annie and the D word is used in that movie. 

Several months ago there was a commercial on TV where a 600lb woman says "I'm not a fat ass. I'm a bad ass." Immediately I hear "Momma what's a bad ass?" GASP. IT'S A WORD WE DON'T USE.

During the summer Jolie was spending the day with us when I heard terrible crying coming from Reese's room. I went to see what was wrong. Reese was doing the hurt kind of cry and said "Damn that hurt." What? What did you say? Jolie's face was of disbelief. "Damn that hurt?" Y'all. I had to hug her to keep her from seeing me silently laughing. (I later learn that Elynn had scratched her across the face.) We had a long talk about that word and how we don't use those words. Honestly it made me think I needed to just tell her all the curse words out there and tell her they aren't to be used because when she hears these new words she likes to try them out.

Then. A couple of weeks ago we were laying in her bed getting ready to go to sleep and she said "Momma that was a damn ugly house on TV tonight." Well. Ok then. Clearly our talk about that word did not stick. I explained that we had talked about that word and if she ever used it again she would be getting a spanking.

At this point I just pray she doesn't come out with one at Christmas dinner. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Caboose

I'd be lying if I didn't admit something right here and now. We knew for sure we wanted a 3rd baby. Since Elynn's delivery was so easy, I had agreed from that day on that 3 was a nice number in my mind. I can't say THIS was exactly when we had planned for another one. Actually, a point in time had never been discussed. I had this fairy tale picture in my mind of waiting till the girls were quite a bit older and we could have a little straggler to keep us young.

When it became evident in late September that I was either (a.)pregnant or (b.) 3 pregnancy tests were all defective (which was exactly what I argued to Adam for at least 2 days), I was slightly overwhelmed. And by slightly I mean a few days later Adam told me to get my act together. The voice of reason in my life reminded me that the 2 we already have, love, and adore were NOT on our timeline. No truer word could have ever been spoken to me. It's been well documented that I blacked slap out when I found out about Reese. I wasn't that level of shocked. I was overwhelmed. I haven't met a person yet that said "Yeah 3 is a breeze! Nothing to it!" 
I adjusted quickly to the idea once Adam called me out for my juvenile behavior. We waited till I was about 12 weeks before we came out with it. We gave a printed copy of this picture to our parents. Mine didn't get it. Uncle G immediately knew so whether or not Big Daddy and DD got it remains a mystery. 

Since the week I found out I was pregnant Reese had said the blessing every night and ended it with "And please let my momma have a baby." The first night she said that my eyes shot open at a violent speed and asked her to repeat herself. She had no idea. We were very careful not to discuss it around her because she repeats everything. She kept that up for 2 months. We told her the morning we were telling our parents. I told her MeeMaw and PeePaw were stopping by and not to say anything, but to give them the picture. The instant they walked in the door she looked at me and said, "It's hard not to say what you told me not to say." Bless that little precious heart. She can't keep a secret. (Which is exactly why she thinks we are giving her daddy a radio for Christmas. And she had told him that several times.)

I went yesterday for the gender sonogram. Believe it or not, I did not peek and the lady doing it was so great. I turned my head and she immediately knew what it was. I heard her print a few pictures then she told me I could look. I saw arms, legs, hands, feet, everything but the gender. So now this is sitting high up on our tree with pictures in it of what we will be getting. Adam and I will be getting up bright and early Christmas morning to open it. But to help with the suspense, let me assure y'all it's another girl. And let me assure you also that WE LOVE LITTLE GIRLS. WE WERE NOT TRYING FOR A BOY. I get a little hot when people say "oh are y'all trying for a boy?" No. No, we are not. Actually we weren't trying for a baby at all. We are well prepared for another girl. We have everything we need. If on the off chance we do get a boy, we will be thrilled with that as well. I will be happy for Adam because he will have a built in fishing buddy in a few years. Either way we really don't care.

 As an adult, opening up the gender of our baby on Christmas morning is as exciting as it gets, so no we will not be peeking. We aren't even tempted because we want to remember this Christmas by open the envelope that morning. Eeeeeekk!! Stay tuned for a Christmas gender update. 

Zoo Light Safari 2015

If there was ever any doubt exactly how lacking we are in the common sense department, we cleared that right on up Saturday. We got up early for a day of shopping with these before going to the Zoo Lights Safari at the Birmingham Zoo. Y'all it's been YEARS since I've been to the Galleria on a Saturday in December, and now I remember why I avoided it for so long. There are no words to describe it. Thankfully Adam corralled the girls while I would dart quickly in and out of stores to make purchases. It all went very well considering we had 2 kids with us and NO stroller. How after 5 years of parenthood are we still such rookies? 

 After purchasing a bandanna scarf for "Puppy" and requesting to "go in the store with lotion and soap" Reese declared, "well I think that's got everything on my list I needed." Well praise the Lord because marking things off my 5 year old's To Do list was my main concern. (I probably need to remind you about Puppy. He is one of a threesome that travels everywhere with us. They bare the very original names of Puppy, Tiger, and Bunny. The have been around for over 3 years now. The fact that they haven't been lost or left somewhere proves that Jesus is still in the miracle business.)

This little elf was too small to ride the Yuletide Slide and to go ice skating. After Reese was done with those 2 events she heard me say to Adam, "Bless Elynn's little heart she didn't get to play." Reese said in her sweetest voice, "I shouldn't have done all that stuff without her." I explained that sometimes she will get to do things that Elynn doesn't. About 2 minutes later a fight broke out between them and all was back to normal.

They had a snow maker and the girls loved it.

 Ice skating on synthetic ice was Reese's favorite part. She only fell once or twice, but praise be to the Lord her daddy never made contact with the ice. Miracle. I know our insurance company is glad.

 Adam and I realized we aren't what we used to be when we rode the carousal and about got sick.

And for heaven's sake don't let me leave out this minor detail- The fire alarm went off not once, but twice during our overnight stay at Ross Bridge after leaving the zoo. Specifically at 12:00 AM and 4:00 AM. At 12:00 I jumped up, put on what I could find with my eyes half closed and rushed out the door. 20 minutes later we got the all clear from the fire department and we went back in. If you haven't been awaken by a fire alarm in your ear, I'm not sure you know the real definition of panic.      Never would I ever have thought that I would have been standing out front of Ross Bridge Golf Resort in my flannels and Adam's 14 year old football t-shirt. It was a real high point in my pajama wearing life. When the alarm went off at 4 we stayed in the bed. The next morning when I got up from that restful nights sleep I asked Adam what that said about us as parents that we didn't evacuate. He assured me, "Oh, you were sleeping with a trained professional. Every minute or 2 I sniffed the air to be sure I didn't smell smoke." Well if it's not reassuring that my fire fighting husband (who's been aware from the profession for upwards of 8 years) was in control then I can't imagine what would be. 

Gymnastics Award

I'm going to start and go backwards with blog updates cause y'all, life is flying by me at break neck speed. 

Last night I told Allison I was going to run to the restroom before class was over. I barely got my pants unbuttoned and Allison was banging on the door that the girls were about to get little awards. What?!? Didn't even know that was taking place last night, and to think I had almost skipped last night and let her daddy pick her up! 

She was so proud. This is her second year and I had to get a little fiery with her a few weeks ago because I didn't think she was putting forth the effort she needed to. She picked it up a notch or 2 after that. 

Be sure to take note of the purple rabbit socks. She gets real mad if I try to make her go out on the gym floor without socks. Slight germophobe? Probably.