Friday, January 5, 2018

Christmas 2017

Some moments I just want to beg the good Lord to stop time right in its tracks. The Saturday before Christmas was one of those moments. We had an entire day of nothingness. We didn't have to go anywhere, see anybody...essentially what I'm saying is that I didn't have to wear makeup. Hallelujah and amen. I spent the entire day cooking all of the food that I would be taking to the 5 Christmas functions we would go to over the next 2 days. The girls were in and out of the kitchen "helping" me and we had Christmas music playing. It gave me all the feels. I silently prayed that that would be a lasting memory for them. The one where we weren't rushed. I wasn't nagging them to get their shoes on and get out the door. None of that. It was just Christmas anticipation and excitement with lots of talk about what Santa was going to bring. I want more of the same for 2018. I want to slow down their childhood.

Here is a very unorganized random list of direct quotes from my kids that I don't want to forget. 

Elynn on Christmas day while discussing Santa's visit- "I didn't hear Santa's steppin' foots."

Elynn when I tracked Santa on Christmas Eve and he was 4 hours away- "Momma! We dotta dough home!"

Elynn during the middle of the night one night-  "You a dood (good) momma" And yes, she woke me up from the REM cycle to tell me that, but it was all good cause that was a drastic difference in her loudly whispering the week before that "You da worst momma ever." You gotta take the good with the bad, people.

On the way home from Adam's Granny's on Christmas eve night Adam wasn't going fast enough-  "Santa's gonna be at our house!"

An argument broke out between Reese and Elynn because Elynn would not stop talking at bedtime and Reese was afraid Santa wasn't going to stop by our house because they weren't asleep.

These are some of my very favorite pictures from the holidays. The magic and excitement on their faces is almost more than my heart can handle.

I also want you to know exactly how IMPOSSIBLE it is to get a good picture of 3 small people. Momma tried... 

Reese had to drag Elynn out of bed to see what Santa brought. I also have a precious video of her telling Elynn "Come on Edee. I'm cited!  Santa came!" but it won't post here.

I hate that this is blurry, but this is about how she looked after every present and it all happened so fast that all the pictures look about the same way. 

My very favorite thing about this is that his little chubby foot is on another present trying to get to the tractor. He loved all the presents, but Santa picked a gooden' when he brought this. Perfect size for him right now. 

The Saturday after Christmas Reese was standing on the countertop in the kitchen looking in the highest cabinet we have and in a hushed voice said " Momma! The elves stayed with us!" She discovered that the elves were tucked away in that cabinet. (Adam got some serious side eye from me at that very moment.) The elves left a note that night that said Santa had left them for a few more days to make sure Reese and Elynn didn't fight over their presents and who drove the go kart. They took their final flight (again) of the year back to the North Pole that night.

I would like to OPEN HAND SLAP whoever decided elves needed to move into our homes during December every year. OPEN. HAND. SLAP.🙄

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