Friday, April 29, 2016

Waiting and anticipating....

I'm so sad that I no longer have time for the world of blogging. Actually I could probably make time, but that would require effort and really that's what I'm currently lacking. So let's catch up for a bit.

The curly topped one...she doesn't let a meal time pass her by. She will even finish off her sister's food if given the opportunity.

 Last week we were having dinner on the screened porch and she sat her baby beside me and walked away. She turned sideways quickly and cut her eyes to that baby and in her best momma voice with her hands on her hips said, "Betta don't. Betta don't, baby." I asked what her baby was doing that she better not do again. She was apparently hitting me, and Elynn wasn't going to stand for it. This is my favorite age and not just because we are currently free of diapers. It's my favorite age because of the precious that flows from that little mouth. Well...usually precious. All except when she looked our song director at church square in the eyes Sunday and said, "You sassy." Mortified. I.WAS. MORTIFIED. I turned all shades of red while I apologized and explained that he looks similar (and by similar I mean they are both bold headed) to someone that tells her she's sassy and picks at her all the time. We allow her to talk back to him, but the song leader??? NO!
 We had some pictures made a few weeks ago. It was part of the newborn package, so I went with it. Maternity pictures aren't generally my favorite, but I have to admit I think I may LOVE these. Elynn hated her dress by the way so it was touch and go with her.
 They started playing dress up again a few weeks ago. It's been a while since Reese did this, but I think I died from all the sweetness when she introduced the dresses to her sister. Of course, there ended up being a fight or two but thankfully it didn't escalate to the point of ruining the moment.
I'm currently real pregnant but not lucky enough for it to actually happen today. I'm 37 weeks. Elynn was born at 38 weeks, so I should probably start getting myself worked into a panic right about now. I took a half day off today to do just that. We just put the baby bed up Tuesday night. He doesn't have a whole name yet. I don't even recognize myself anymore. How have we let this moment sneak up on us and not even have a name!? Well he has a first name. It's the middle name that's causing talk of a divorce right now. I'll let y'all know when this debate is settled. 

I'm not even kidding myself by thinking bringing baby #3 home will be as easy as #2. Elynn was so easy. Plus Reese is on the verge of packing up and going to kindergarten. My emotions will probably be high over the next few months. It's all happening really quickly....except the misery of the end of pregnancy. That's draggin' on like the anticipation of Christmas morning. 

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  1. I always love reading your posts, they always make me smile. Praying for you and the people that stick you with the needles !