Friday, December 18, 2015

Curse Words

*Viewer discretion is advised on this post.*

Reese knows there are words we don't use. We don't say stupid, idiot, oh my God or gosh, shut up etc. Those are all things that we don't think sound good coming from little children. She doesn't use those words because we hear them on TV and such and we've talked about how they are not nice. 

Then there are other words... damn in particular. Now before you start claiming that "she's heard her parents using those word" let's talk about a few things. 1. Yes, I can be caught using a word at the right moment however if she is around I try to spell them out or say them repeatedly in my head instead of out loud. 2. We listen to country music and they are big fans of "mild" curse words. 2. She loves to new version of Annie and the D word is used in that movie. 

Several months ago there was a commercial on TV where a 600lb woman says "I'm not a fat ass. I'm a bad ass." Immediately I hear "Momma what's a bad ass?" GASP. IT'S A WORD WE DON'T USE.

During the summer Jolie was spending the day with us when I heard terrible crying coming from Reese's room. I went to see what was wrong. Reese was doing the hurt kind of cry and said "Damn that hurt." What? What did you say? Jolie's face was of disbelief. "Damn that hurt?" Y'all. I had to hug her to keep her from seeing me silently laughing. (I later learn that Elynn had scratched her across the face.) We had a long talk about that word and how we don't use those words. Honestly it made me think I needed to just tell her all the curse words out there and tell her they aren't to be used because when she hears these new words she likes to try them out.

Then. A couple of weeks ago we were laying in her bed getting ready to go to sleep and she said "Momma that was a damn ugly house on TV tonight." Well. Ok then. Clearly our talk about that word did not stick. I explained that we had talked about that word and if she ever used it again she would be getting a spanking.

At this point I just pray she doesn't come out with one at Christmas dinner. 

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