Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Zoo Light Safari 2015

If there was ever any doubt exactly how lacking we are in the common sense department, we cleared that right on up Saturday. We got up early for a day of shopping with these before going to the Zoo Lights Safari at the Birmingham Zoo. Y'all it's been YEARS since I've been to the Galleria on a Saturday in December, and now I remember why I avoided it for so long. There are no words to describe it. Thankfully Adam corralled the girls while I would dart quickly in and out of stores to make purchases. It all went very well considering we had 2 kids with us and NO stroller. How after 5 years of parenthood are we still such rookies? 

 After purchasing a bandanna scarf for "Puppy" and requesting to "go in the store with lotion and soap" Reese declared, "well I think that's got everything on my list I needed." Well praise the Lord because marking things off my 5 year old's To Do list was my main concern. (I probably need to remind you about Puppy. He is one of a threesome that travels everywhere with us. They bare the very original names of Puppy, Tiger, and Bunny. The have been around for over 3 years now. The fact that they haven't been lost or left somewhere proves that Jesus is still in the miracle business.)

This little elf was too small to ride the Yuletide Slide and to go ice skating. After Reese was done with those 2 events she heard me say to Adam, "Bless Elynn's little heart she didn't get to play." Reese said in her sweetest voice, "I shouldn't have done all that stuff without her." I explained that sometimes she will get to do things that Elynn doesn't. About 2 minutes later a fight broke out between them and all was back to normal.

They had a snow maker and the girls loved it.

 Ice skating on synthetic ice was Reese's favorite part. She only fell once or twice, but praise be to the Lord her daddy never made contact with the ice. Miracle. I know our insurance company is glad.

 Adam and I realized we aren't what we used to be when we rode the carousal and about got sick.

And for heaven's sake don't let me leave out this minor detail- The fire alarm went off not once, but twice during our overnight stay at Ross Bridge after leaving the zoo. Specifically at 12:00 AM and 4:00 AM. At 12:00 I jumped up, put on what I could find with my eyes half closed and rushed out the door. 20 minutes later we got the all clear from the fire department and we went back in. If you haven't been awaken by a fire alarm in your ear, I'm not sure you know the real definition of panic.      Never would I ever have thought that I would have been standing out front of Ross Bridge Golf Resort in my flannels and Adam's 14 year old football t-shirt. It was a real high point in my pajama wearing life. When the alarm went off at 4 we stayed in the bed. The next morning when I got up from that restful nights sleep I asked Adam what that said about us as parents that we didn't evacuate. He assured me, "Oh, you were sleeping with a trained professional. Every minute or 2 I sniffed the air to be sure I didn't smell smoke." Well if it's not reassuring that my fire fighting husband (who's been aware from the profession for upwards of 8 years) was in control then I can't imagine what would be. 

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  1. Umm..this is hilarious! It sounds like the Griswolds!