Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Gymnastics Award

I'm going to start and go backwards with blog updates cause y'all, life is flying by me at break neck speed. 

Last night I told Allison I was going to run to the restroom before class was over. I barely got my pants unbuttoned and Allison was banging on the door that the girls were about to get little awards. What?!? Didn't even know that was taking place last night, and to think I had almost skipped last night and let her daddy pick her up! 

She was so proud. This is her second year and I had to get a little fiery with her a few weeks ago because I didn't think she was putting forth the effort she needed to. She picked it up a notch or 2 after that. 

Be sure to take note of the purple rabbit socks. She gets real mad if I try to make her go out on the gym floor without socks. Slight germophobe? Probably. 

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