Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Caboose

I'd be lying if I didn't admit something right here and now. We knew for sure we wanted a 3rd baby. Since Elynn's delivery was so easy, I had agreed from that day on that 3 was a nice number in my mind. I can't say THIS was exactly when we had planned for another one. Actually, a point in time had never been discussed. I had this fairy tale picture in my mind of waiting till the girls were quite a bit older and we could have a little straggler to keep us young.

When it became evident in late September that I was either (a.)pregnant or (b.) 3 pregnancy tests were all defective (which was exactly what I argued to Adam for at least 2 days), I was slightly overwhelmed. And by slightly I mean a few days later Adam told me to get my act together. The voice of reason in my life reminded me that the 2 we already have, love, and adore were NOT on our timeline. No truer word could have ever been spoken to me. It's been well documented that I blacked slap out when I found out about Reese. I wasn't that level of shocked. I was overwhelmed. I haven't met a person yet that said "Yeah 3 is a breeze! Nothing to it!" 
I adjusted quickly to the idea once Adam called me out for my juvenile behavior. We waited till I was about 12 weeks before we came out with it. We gave a printed copy of this picture to our parents. Mine didn't get it. Uncle G immediately knew so whether or not Big Daddy and DD got it remains a mystery. 

Since the week I found out I was pregnant Reese had said the blessing every night and ended it with "And please let my momma have a baby." The first night she said that my eyes shot open at a violent speed and asked her to repeat herself. She had no idea. We were very careful not to discuss it around her because she repeats everything. She kept that up for 2 months. We told her the morning we were telling our parents. I told her MeeMaw and PeePaw were stopping by and not to say anything, but to give them the picture. The instant they walked in the door she looked at me and said, "It's hard not to say what you told me not to say." Bless that little precious heart. She can't keep a secret. (Which is exactly why she thinks we are giving her daddy a radio for Christmas. And she had told him that several times.)

I went yesterday for the gender sonogram. Believe it or not, I did not peek and the lady doing it was so great. I turned my head and she immediately knew what it was. I heard her print a few pictures then she told me I could look. I saw arms, legs, hands, feet, everything but the gender. So now this is sitting high up on our tree with pictures in it of what we will be getting. Adam and I will be getting up bright and early Christmas morning to open it. But to help with the suspense, let me assure y'all it's another girl. And let me assure you also that WE LOVE LITTLE GIRLS. WE WERE NOT TRYING FOR A BOY. I get a little hot when people say "oh are y'all trying for a boy?" No. No, we are not. Actually we weren't trying for a baby at all. We are well prepared for another girl. We have everything we need. If on the off chance we do get a boy, we will be thrilled with that as well. I will be happy for Adam because he will have a built in fishing buddy in a few years. Either way we really don't care.

 As an adult, opening up the gender of our baby on Christmas morning is as exciting as it gets, so no we will not be peeking. We aren't even tempted because we want to remember this Christmas by open the envelope that morning. Eeeeeekk!! Stay tuned for a Christmas gender update. 

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